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♥ name ♥ Morgan Braman

♥ where do you live ♥Bay City,Michigan

 ♥ age ♥ 13

♥ how did you find us ♥ Tara :)...love_isblonde

♥ are you taken or single [pictures please?] ♥ Singleee :)

   ♥All About You

♥ What is your favorite food? ♥Mac n' Cheese..Hot Pockets/Pizza Rolls

♥ What is your favorite drink? ♥Coke.Cherry Coke

♥ What are your favorite 5 songs? ♥50 cent-lil bit,Mariah Carey-We belong together,Bow Wow-Hold you,Ashlee Simpson-everything :),Jessica Simnpson-These Boots are made for walkin

♥ What is your favorite 2 singers/bands? ♥Singer-Ashlee Simpson,Band-The Killers

♥ What are your favorite 5 movies? ♥Raise your Voice,The Nootebook,Coach Carter,Hitch,Now and Then

♥ What is your favorite color? ♥Pink..PINK.!!

♥ What is your most favorite outfit [you dont have to own it, & pictures please!] ♥hmm.Hollister skirt..long tanktop..:) i like the one i have from hollister especially wit the skirt tho...its maroon and its got like gems on the top going in a V shape..and its a V shaped neck :) cute flip flops..colorfull :)

♥ What kind of personality do you have? ♥Loud,fun,crazyy,happy

♥ What are some of your pet peeves? ♥Chewing with mouth open,tapping,clicking..and disturbing noises like that.

♥ What is your dream job? ♥mm.helping the homeless kids in Africa..on Feed The organization which helps kids like that..i want to be a part of that :)

♥ What are your favorite stores? ♥Abercrombie,Hollister,Wet Seal,Charlotte Russe.

♥ What makes you think you're a sweetheart? ♥ I'm a very outgoing person.and i enjoy helping other people who are less fortunate

♥ What is your least favorite thing about yourself? ♥im verry tall.about 5'7..

♥ What made you post an app here? ♥i really liked the community.and i know 2 of the mods/co mods. Kelsey was in my play..and katy is tara and marissas friend..and tara told me to apply and shes also a part of this community :)

  ♥This or That

♥ Ashlee or Jessica? ♥Ashlee.shes very..unique in her own way

♥ Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes? ♥Flip Flops :)..

♥ Britney or Jamie? ♥ Jamie..shes more my age..and i like her show..:)

♥ Polka Dots or Stripes? ♥ Polka Dots.!!

♥ Latte or Cappucino? ♥ nonee..never had either

♥ Gum or Mints? ♥ Gum

♥ The O.C. or Laguna Beach? ♥ THE obsessed :)..Adam Brody=totally hottie :)

♥ Cali or Hawaii? ♥ hmm.Cali.Orange County..O.C :)

♥ Strawberry or Vanilla? ♥ Strawberry. !!

♥ Smoothie or Slurpee? ♥ bothh.. mm

♥ American Idol or Star Search? ♥ dont watch any..but..i guess star search because they have more than one talent on that show i think..

♥ Mtv or Vh1? ♥ MTV

♥ The Challenge or The Inferno? ♥ both kinda the same..but i really enjoyed the INFERNO

♥ Water or Gatorade? ♥ Water..because my dad works for Coke and they sell Powerade soo.

♥ Pool or Beach? ♥ Pool.eww beach

Important ♥promote in 3 places[journals or communities]♥

♥POST 5-15 PICTURES♥ [make sure you tell us what picture you want for the photobucket]

middle :)


rightt.:) BFF


rightt. :) 2 Bff's


Well thats all i hope you liked :)..i really liked this community and i just..i dno love communities they are fun :)


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