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♥ name ♥tara.
♥ where do you live ♥baycityy.
♥ age ♥thirteenn
♥ how did you find us ♥ katys profile, and britney.)
♥ are you taken or single [pictures please?] ♥single...
<b>♥<u>All About You</u>♥</b>
♥ What is your favorite food? ♥ tacoss& pizza.
♥ What is your favorite drink? ♥cherry coke& powerade.
♥ What are your favorite 5 songs? ♥these boots are made for walking by jessica simpson, dont phunk with my heart by the black eyed peas, mr. brightside by the killers, dont cha by the pussycat dolls, and behind these hasel eyes by kelly clarkson.
♥ What is your favorite 2 singers/bands? ♥ashlee simpson. and black eyed peas.
♥ What are your favorite 5 movies? ♥now&then, hottchick, hide&seek, notebook, and little blackbook.
♥ What is your favorite color? ♥teal:)
♥ What is your most favorite outfit [you dont have to own it, & pictures please!] ♥  sorry no pictures, well i love basketball shorts and sweatshirts, but when im going somewhere i like to wear capris or jeans with a designed tanktop or something like that
♥ What kind of personality do you have? ♥ well im outgoing, sometimes hyper, i love to laugh and have funn !
♥ What are some of your pet peeves? ♥showing me your food when you eat, & people with huge egos.
♥ What is your dream job? ♥interior design.:) or a dentist.
♥ What are your favorite stores? ♥ well i shop where ever i see something cute, but i like wet seal, hollister, american eagle, charolotte rousse, and abercrombie.
♥ What makes you think you're a sweetheart? ♥ well i care about my friends, and can be helpful:)
♥ What is your least favorite thing about yourself? ♥hmm my back, lol i have scolosist.
♥ What made you post an app here? ♥well  i know all you mods. and i wanted to apply !
<b>♥<u>This or That</u>♥</b>
♥ Ashlee or Jessica? ♥that is realllyyy hard. probably ashlee.
♥ Flip Flops or Tennis Shoes? ♥flip flops
♥ Britney or Jamie? ♥britney
♥ Polka Dots or Stripes? ♥Polka dots
♥ Latte or Cappucino? ♥Latte
♥ Gum or Mints? ♥gum
♥ The O.C. or Laguna Beach? that is soooo hard, after watching the hold season one of the O.C. im in love. so the O.C.
♥ Cali or Hawaii? ♥Cali.
♥ Strawberry or Vanilla? ♥Strawberrry.
♥ Smoothie or Slurpee? ♥smoothie.
♥ American Idol or Star Search? ♥Star Search.
♥ Mtv or Vh1? ♥Mtv
♥ The Challenge or The Inferno? ♥Inferno !
♥ Water or Gatorade? ♥waterr.
♥ Pool or Beach? ♥beach.

<b>♥promote in 3 places</b>[journals or communities]♥    http://www.livejournal.com/users/kiss_n_lipgloss/   http://www.livejournal.com/users/xo_so_blonde/   http://www.livejournal.com/users/loveme__xo/
<b>♥POST 5-15 PICTURES♥</b>
[make sure you tell us what picture you want for the photobucket]

 me and molly.rightside.


long hair then.

 okay just one of those crazzy ones.



 okay so i like the peace sign.;)

well hope you liked!

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