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Name: meghan
Age: seventeen
Sex: female
Location: ontario

5 bands: further seems forever [rip], no use for a name, the early november, the beautiful mistake, bright eyes
5 movies: dazed & confused, a beautiful mind, stealing harvard, the virgin suicides, brokedown palace
Item of clothing: my striped & collared t. i'm obsessed with collars.
Store to shop: bluenotes & blackmarket
Color: purple & green
T.V. show: the oc, gilmore girls, that 70's show

What do you think about homosexuality? homosexuality it a chemical imbalance. it's not something you can control & i really don't think anybody has the right to judge those who are homosexual. to them i must say 'shut your mouth, open your mind'
What do you think about testing products on animals? i don't agree with it, i mean, if you're so worried that the product is going to be harmful on humans, why bother testing it on animals first ?
Do you believe in war? i don't believe in anything. but i mean, as a canadian i sort of sit on the sidelines and watch this happen around me, and i disagree, because it's just this vicious circle that nobody will ever get out of

What makes you stellar? omg, well firstly, stellar is like my word. it makes me smile really big. and because i'm just this crazy little mofo. i'm loud and obnoxious but i care more than anybody you've ever met. i love cuddling & listening to my friends and just being another teenager. i'm a major emo face, aka i'm not 'emo' but i'm just a little cry baby because i take everything to heart, and oh ya, i ramble when i don't know what i'm talking about
Why do you want to be a member of this community? because i love joining communites, and i'm awesome at rating people, and very honest, and fuck, i'm cute

At least 3 pictures of you:

some days i look like a little boy
& i'm listening to aqua

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