Nikki Nikki Nikki (x0_mrs_depp) wrote in sunglasses_,
Nikki Nikki Nikki


Get Beyonce's look, as seen in StarMagazine

Guess Cotton Jacket, $108,


14k Gold hoop earrings, $29.50


Beach Print shorts, $39.99,

Wood bangles, $15,

Picture of item ATRJBR1539

Gold thong sandal, $35,

On Your Feet Hin Metallic Thong Sandal

Reesha silk top, $80,

Hilfiger Chiffon skirt, $97,

H Hilfiger Chiffon Skirt

Halter Bikini, $89,

Grecian Babydoll dress, $54.50,

Wood and charm necklace, $40,


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    Its been more than two weeks and nothing on the info page has changed. before i leave this community i want to make sure it is still active... :/

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    Hey everyone! Join G_Icons! It's my friends icon community and shes really good but there's not many people in it so join and help her out :]

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    Hope you like it! Please let me know when you've uploaded it so I can delete it. Please credit, too.

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