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Placebo Slash @ suckerlove [sucker-love.com]

Soulmates Never Die

greatest lay i ever had
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Placebo & all things Slash. Share pictures, fan art, fic, videos, manips, deviant tour tales & more

w e l c o m e     t o     t h e      d u n g e o n
slashing placebo since 2004

Welcome to the infamous s u c k e r l o v e !

Love the band Placebo?! Have a tendency to get giddy at the sight of Brian & Stefan in the same picture together?! Think Steve could be lured to 'play for the other team'?? Noticed Xav, Bill or Alex gazing longingly at the band members...or each other!? Well you're not alone! Whether they're all 'just good friends' putting on an act, frisky playmates or lovers...we love these pairings, and could talk about them and oogle over pictures of their delicious antics forever!

This community and site is here for likeminded (and openminded!) folk, to view/share pictures, wallpaper, icons, slash fiction, art, videos and anything else related to Placebo Slash!
Join Us!

This is a locked community. All future posts are only accessible to members.
To join this community, you must:

- request membership
- then comment with your location, and how you found the community etc
- A moderator will approve you ASAP and you'll be frollicking in no time!
- 1,000+ members can't be wrong! "It's worth the extra 30 seconds!!"

We're a funloving community, these are some basic guidelines:

1. Slash Content. This community is for Placebo Slash discussion. Please be advised that posts will contain content of a mature (& immature :p) homosexual nature. For non slash icons, quizzes, placebo talk, visit our affiliates (see below)

3. No Soliciting of non-placebo slash related communities or websites. These along with any other off topic posts will be deleted where relevant.

3. Frequently Asked Questions! You may want to check our memories before you ask that burning question. Also a great way to browse for your favourite topic or paring is to take a look at the community tags page [tags since mid 2007]

5. Be Considerate.
i. Please don't hotlink from other sites. If you want to share pictures etc get a free image account and upload.
- photobucket.com [pics & vids]
- imageshack.us [pics]
- sendspace.com & yousendit.com [multimedia].
Also crediting sources is a nice thing to do.

ii. If posting fic, large pics or more than 4 icons, please post behind an LJ Cut

iii. All posts MUST allow comments and must remain friend locked. Only moderators may deactivate these features.

6. We're a friendly group of slashers; dedicated & tight knit, but more than welcoming of newcomers! Any form of harassment, trolling, spaming, hate speech or fighting of any kind will not be tolerated.

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suckerlove_ @ Greatest Journal

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Stefan/Brian is love sex

Code to this or a larger version HERE!!

Group Sex Is Orgasmic L♥VE


Sucker's Dream: Stefan/Brian Fanlisting

Sing For Your Lover: Steve/Brian Fanlisting

Owner/Moderator: rougevelvet [first port of call for any issues]
Moderators: _boyangel & legionpossessed

With MANY thanks to the donations from our special friends,
silent_lillith, ceej001, funk_fish23,
carbonkid70, ladybugbella & rougevelvet
the suckerlove website (and paid LJ) lives on for 2009-2010!!

NOTE: Information etc posted by members of this community may be used to update sucker-love.com. Permission will be asked where relevant.

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