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K, don't mean to be annoying, but here's chap 5.

Title: Porcelain (Chapter 5)

Pairing: ahhh...Bri/Steve, Bri/Stef, but there's not much of it actually.

Rating: Shy and Coy.

Chapter 5:

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Fic - Against the Grain, Chapter Eight - Neon Secrets

Title: Against the Grain

Chapter: 8/? -- Neon Secret

Fandom: Placebo

Pairing: N/A for now

POV: 3rd, Brian-centric

Rating: Lust&Lunacy

Disclaimer: I know no one and own nothing

Summary: Brian Molko is a 16 year old boy with issues. He's failing at school, nobody likes him and his parents don't understand him. He hates everyone and everything. Fortunately, his contempt for life and the human race excludes one dark-haired, khol-lined, Robert Smith-obsessed girl. With her help, Brian finds his life changed for good.

Warnings: Language

Author's Notes: Guess what, guys? My exams are over. This means I have nothing to do with my life from now on but write. Good news, hm?

( Chapter Eight )

(no subject)

Title: Shame

Chapter: 8-9

Pairing: Bandcest eventually.

Rating: Not for slash. I always feel so awkward posting here as I don't have any slash yet. But I will, I promise it just might take a while?

Disclaimer: NONE of this is true. I have never met any members of Placebo. All of this is FAKE.

Summary: "Get out." Brian looks at Steve with half-lidded and obviously red eyes as he single-mindedly tries to remove his hand from Steve's crushing grip. Needless to say he isn't that successful. "Leggo," his voice is less nasal and more raspy; colored with the exhaustion that paints his face and lingers in his half-hearted movements. And I guess Steve finds it so depressing or pathetic that he actually lets go of his hand."

Author's Notes: Okay, You don't really have to read the bit where Steve meets Brian. I guess its a flashback (there are going to be alot because this is going to be epic), I really wanted to write it because I was going to explode if I didn't. So enjoy, I guess? Yes, I know this update is a bit crummy; its character buliding!

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Refresher Course

Hello everyone, mother here.

Haven't done this in a while but I've been meaing to and I figured seeing as we have a lot of new slashers about tis probably time for a refresher. Things are pretty casual around here, but OCD is everywhere so there are a few things to help keep the place running smoothly.

The main things are listed in the user info for easy reference and reminding:

-Please don't hotlink from other sites. Wanna share pics? YAY! Get a free account and upload to photobucket.com
-If posting fic, large pics or more than 4 icons, please post behind a LJ Cut
-This community is for Placebo Slash discussion. For non slash icons, quizzes, placebo talk, visit our affiliates
-No soliciting unless it is Placebo slash related.
-Check out the community memories for some interesting posts & treats!
-We love Bill & Xav [& Alex] tooo!

The links list in our userinfo and to the right of the community along the sidebar have a lot of useful information, so check it out and familiarise yourself.

We have our own fic rating system, and it's fun to use, so check that out.

As always please be sure not to flood the community with posts. This is a community not a personal blog so everyone gets to share their ideas & creations.

Anything else you wish to add or discuss, comment or email me! :)

You're all sweeties ♥
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Delurking (I think) and ficcy goodness.

Hey there. I've been lurking around for a while, but I'm trying to stop doing that. So I bring fic of the Molsdal persuasion. ^.^

Title:Fifty Steps to Happiness
Fandom: Placebo (RPS)
Rating: Lust & Lunacy
Theme Set: Beta
Pairing: Stefan Olsdal/Brian Molko

Posted as part of the 1sentence challenge. They can be read separately, but I tried to make them flow as one piece.

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