mod post.

Hey guys

im terribly sorry i havent been posting. i wouldnt be surprized if we've lost some members.
i've been extrememly busy lately.

if some one would like to take over being a MOD,
let me know.
i dont have time anymore :'[

im really really sorry.
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mod posttt


i've found a new background pic for the community, PLEASE tell me what you think, i thought it was pretty basic, but a nice pic. annnnd..could someone make a promotion banner out of this picture? that'd be awesome. just..use a like..boldish font..maybe one kind of like this...


add any animation you want, maybe those..liney, if you know what im talking about..
the font is called "astonished" and maybe in the bottom left hand corner. ANYONE...plllllleeeeeaseeee..i will credit you on my info, and the community's info, and in a post.

sorry i havent been posting or doing anything, i've been pertty busy
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(no subject)

sorry guys ive been busy i got more hours at work, which i guess is good and were performing a play for drama. and i have lots of school projects. after next week my hectic life will slow down i hope.
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mod post

I think it might be time for a new layout. I love Marilyn, but looking at it now, i dont see how this layout would be appealing to both sexes. im not sure guys want to be a part of such a feminine looking community. If its cool, could i start looking for a music based theme? Not like, bands or anything, but just music.



dont let this community die..please :'(
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