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Hey guys...

Who knows if any of you actually ever check this any more?

But if you do.

I am going to try to get this thing up and running again.

So if you have any suggestions...

throw 'em out here.

How's life guys?



I want you allll to do this one.

Scavenger Hunt

See if you can find all of these things:

1)A boot
2)Something shiny
3) A cat
4) Something rainbow
5) Something to do with a volcano.
6) a skirt/or pair of pants
7) Something really cute
8) Really cool hair that is not your own
9) Something from the 80s
10) A cookie.

1. All of these must be taken by yourself or a reletive or friend.
2. Be creative
3. If you can't find all of them, you don't have to do all of them, just participate.

I was think that I might start a point system, just to get the community moving. What do you think?

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Hey all, I'm back. Obviously, this community is completely dead.

So, here's the plan. We're having a CONTEST.

Prizes will be announced soon, but let me tell you, they are pretty nifty.

The premise is that you will promote as much as you can, and whoever can get the most people to apply wins.

Good idea, non?

I love you all! <3333
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Would anybody like to maintain this community for a month? If you want to, leave a comment on this and I'll tell you what it will entail.

When I come back, you can be a MOD.

Thanks so much darlings! I have to concentrate on my grades this month and so I really want to take a break from LJ.

If you want to stay in touch with me, here's my info:
AIM: Cinnamononice

I love you all! <3