faith. (_starletdreams) wrote in starleticons_,

Rebel Without A Cause caps

I took these aaaaages ago, but I've only just decided to upload them =) They're roughly in chronological order (although there's the occasional cap that just appears from nowhere that should be elsewhere) although I started twenty minutes into the film and did the first twenty minutes last. Not entirely sure why =/ Anyway, there are 477 caps that are each about 720x274. I apologise for the quality, but it's the DVD's fault, not mine =P

The rest can be found here and the password is starleticonscaps.

Please leave a comment if you take any, and credit this journal if you use them anywhere =) Thanks so much!

I'm going to cap the behind the scenes things - there are interviews and screen tests with the leads and such that are all pretty cool. =) I'll post to let you all know where they are when I get them done =) And I'm also doing Giant. I've done half of Jimmy's scenes and all of Sal's and I have 761 caps. Ach!
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