June 13th, 2005

art // the soldier


I'm quite bored, wanting to make icons but I'm bored with all my pictures. So I have decided to open up another requests post! If you want me to accept your request, you have to follow the rules. Hee, I am strict. Sort of.

Your request must include:

- the URL of the picture you want. No actual images, just the URL.

- any text you wish to use. Please don't have any sequences that are too long, it makes my brain hurt. I'm useless with text.

- any specifics. Particular style I've used in the past? Particular colours? brushes? anything?

I'd rather not make icons with anything that may be seen as offensive on or anything. I just don't feel comfortable with it. I suppose you can say I have the right to turn anything down. Which I do.

ETA: No new requests please! I've suddenly found myself quite busy and with little muse. This always happens at the most inopportune moments.