May 13th, 2005

art // the soldier

Gene Tierney & The Blondie Set That Never Was

I started making a Blondie set. Ended up deleting the majority of them because they weren't very pretty and didn't think anyone would want them ;) All that remains are three Debbie Harry icons, but there you have it. I shall post them anyway in case there are Blondie fans out there! And some Gene Tierney because I haven't made icons of her for about 8 months which is a long time. Yeah. And that was only two icons! And they weren't much good. So ten icons of her =D Yey!

- You must comment if you take anything.
- Do not customise anything. Textless icons are not bases.
- CREDIT ME! (I've found so many people recently who haven't credited me. I haven't said anything but I will do if I find any more) & don't forget the underscore.
- Don't hotlink.


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