February 15th, 2005

every girl needs a paul newman icon


Hello! Remember that time when I offered to make you all icons and never did? Yeah? Well, I've decided to rectify the situation somewhat by taking on board requests. I think the problem was that I'm useless at finding pictures and I'm on very slow, unreliable dial-up and it just took me forever. Plus life got in the way... you know. So I have a new format for taking requests. Just to make life easier for me! And to ensure that you get your requests =) So, if you wish for an icon to be made, reply to this post with:

- a link to the picture you want to be turned into an icon. Do not post the image itself or I'll delete your comment (well, I'll let you know first of course =]). Mainly because, if everyone posts images, it will take forever to load this page because my poor old dial-up is... well, slow.

- the text you want adding. I'm useless with text.

- any specifics. Do you want particular fonts, colours, brushes? Just let me know.

I don't know how many requests I can take but I have a pretty open schedule for the next... well, a while. So hopefully life won't get too hectic.

And for those of you who don't want an icon specifically for you, I have a new batch in the making. It's a large batch too =]

Edit (23/02/05): No new requests please! I'm working madly on this new batch and I'm going to finish up the requests after that. Perhaps, once I get everything finished, I'll take new requests, but none for now. Thanks!
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