January 9th, 2005

every girl needs a paul newman icon

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Hello, remember me? So I have many styles of icon in here. Yes, as usual, I've been trying different things out. I'm not happy with the majority of these. But they're okay, maybe someone out there will take them =) Anyway, I'm not sure if this means that I have returned from hiatus. I'm going to be working on things, but these will most likely be 'things' for fandom_aid, so if you want my icons and 'things' you'll have to go there on the 14th of February. But anyway, I know you don't care about this, you want to know what's in the post! Well, we have A Hard Day's Night, Marilyn Monroe, Blackadder (The Third and Goes Forth), Casablanca, Giant, Edward Scissorhands and Ewan McGregor. Phew. Talk about a varied post =/ Anyways, let's get to it!

Rules: Comment, credit, don't customise or hotlink. Textless icons are not bases. Just generally keep them as they are and don't pretend you made them. Thank you!


The iconsCollapse )

If there's enough interest in the Blackadder icons, I will make more. I love this show (and Prince/Lt. George!) with all my tiny little heart and I will make as many icons as it takes to spread the word and make Blackadder worshipped throughout the land/world. Oh, and I want to make more Edward Scissorhands eventually. And Giant. And Casablanca. And AHDN. You get the picture.

Also, I've been making a lot of Casablanca (and other) fanart recently. Do you all think this should be posted here or go straight up to my website (which isn't actually open yet)?