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I guess this may seem like it's coming entirely out of the blue although it's not. I've been toying with the idea for a few weeks and I decided yesterday to take the plunge. But I fell asleep because that's what I seem to do a lot. Anyway, here's the plan - I'm going to merge starleticons_ and _sentimentality with my personal journal so that everything is in the same place. All you'll need to do is add me there, simple. I will keep my personal entries friends only so you won't get them on your friends list unless I friend you back which I won't do unless you ask me to. All graphics posts will be public so they'll appear on the friends list of everyone who has added me whether I've added them back or not.

I know it may seem like a nuisance to be doing this but I really need to. I have so much clutter and I just need everything kept in one place. It will make everything a whole lot simpler and, where I am at the moment, I just need everything to be nice and simple. I hope this doesn't cause any inconveniences. Oh, and if my affiliates could kindly link to parisianpierrot from now on, I'd be very happy. It doesn't really matter of course as this post will be up from here on in so people directed here will move straight there, but it will be appreciated.

The icons will stay up here of course. They'll be just.. here. For people to look at =) And I will be adding the rest of the icon requests to the comments on the previous post. But everything else will be posted at parisianpierrot from now on.

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