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Well well well, I've been making my Marilyn icons ever since I posted the Audrey batch so I decided to have a day off. What do I do? I make icons of course ;) But this time they're of Gigi which is sort of my happy movie, the film I watch when I'm down. It's just such a lovely, charming film and the costumes and sets are gorgeous (designed by Cecil Beaton whom I adore). Anyway, these are pretty simple because my creative energy is missing (actually, I haven't had any for a few weeks, my Marilyn icons stink) but I'm sure you'll cope. There are one or two that I quite like and might even use at some point in the future. How shocking.

Usual rules apply: You must comment and credit if you take anything and comments even if you don't are very much appreciate. Please please please please please don't hotlink (I need to get all those old posts sorted out, I haven't had the energy lately) and don't customise a thing.


Image hosted by Image hosted by

1.Image hosted by 2.Image hosted by 3.Image hosted by 4.Image hosted by 5.Image hosted by
6.Image hosted by 7.Image hosted by 8.Image hosted by 9.Image hosted by 10.Image hosted by

I've come to the conclusion that it's much easier to make icons of studio portraits than screencaptures. Much much easier.

As for my Marilyn batch, it's doing good. Almost finished and will be posted on later on today/tomorrow (time difference). Not quite made it to 79, not even close, but still. I shall make some more tonight (if I can keep my eyes open. Yawn) and tomorrow I shall do even more and then post! w00t! Seeing as it's nearly three AM, I think it's okay to wish Marilyn happy birthday already! =D I apologise for the ramblings, lol.
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