faith. (parisianpierrot) wrote in starleticons_,

My Photobucket's bandwidth has just exceeded. Literally just now. So my icons are going to be down until I can get them a new home which may take a while.

But the main thing I want to say is this - it looks like they're down due to hotlinkers. Comparing the stats and all that. My account is relatively new, it was only created at the beginning of March, and I used other accounts for a lot longer than this without the bandwidth exceeding. Almost all of my non-icon pictures are uploaded onto other servers because I want to save the bandwidth and whatnot. So I really can't see how it can be possible for it to be any other way. The amount of hits I've received are phenomenal.

So yes, I just want to remind everyone not to hotlink ever. Not from me, not from anyone else. I'm glad that I'm not paying for this bandwidth or I'd be losing money. Everyone who does is spoiling it for other people. People can't see my icons and the hotlinkers obviously can't as well. So yes, I'm pretty annoyed.
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