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Star light; Star bright

just another rating community
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This is a new community and I am new at this so I apologize now if things are a little different or not organized. To be accepted into this community, you must join, fill out the application and wait. It will take a few days to know if your accepted, or rejected. If you are accepted, please follow all rules:

1. Be nice to everyone, this is a community.
2. Please comment on peoples journals as much as you can
3. Put our banner in your info
4. When filling out the app. please dont bold your answers.
5. Please use an LJcut when applying AND after being accepted if your ever posting pictures


Eye color:
hair color:
Zodiac sign:

Two things that annoy you:
Favorite movie:
Favorite song:
Music likes:
music dislikes:
Favorite book:

Do you smoke and if so what?
Do drugs?
Do you ever drink alcohol?

Finish the sentice
All I need is
Love is
Boys are like
I hear
I have
I want

Put at least 3 pictures please.

title or description