Alice and the cat


Hi Im new ♥My name is chaz and i lurrrrrrrrve photos!! Errm to introduce myself...Im from warrington which is in between manchester and liverpool, i love horror movies, japan, anime, piercings, dolls...blah blah...if you want to know me add my journal- BUT tell me first ^_^

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Jenn by me...
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I don't think I ever did an intro post... so Hey what's up?
I'm Jenn... otherwise known as J.J.R.

Just felt like posting some random pics:

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thanks for looking :)

- J.J.R.
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Robot Carnival girl


Hey there:) I'm Catherine. 19. I live in Florida with my boyfriend. Um...i'm really into graphic/web design and video games. I kinda sometimes turn into a cam whore, but i've been getting better lately:p
Anyways, here's a few random pictures of myself. Sorry for the crap quality. My camera has been through hell and back since i got it.

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