it's best to die stupid

Howard [the tutor] makes a point of giving everyone in his class one of these maps at the start of each subject//term.
We're doing european history, so I guess it's good way to get to know the area we'll be studying.

This is the one I got//filled out today.

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And y'know, I'm proud of myself. I got at least 3 more than last year.

I hope everyone else is enjoying first week back as well
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so because i changed usernames i am no longer maintaining my community.
amanda is, and she doesn't even use that journal anymore.
so basically no one is maintaining this community.

i'm bored.
here is my caveman.
his name is gus.

isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life?
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it's enlightening

today i walked into Toxic with suzie [trying to find these hair clips they use to have but don't have anymore] and every god. damn. thing. that i put up against my head made me seem even more like an EMOkid than i do already.

the only exception for this was the leopard-skin pimp hat i put on as a joke. ironically, i Hate leopard skin things about the same as i Hate looking like an EMOkid.

so, it's now official, i can no longer wear things in my hair without looking like an EMOkid. which is driving me insane.

does anyone know where i can get a blonde wig?
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so since yesterday i have been working on the on-going present to meilak.


go there under your own dev.art id and "watch it" if you're part of the class. if you're not part of the class and you have a dev.art id then watch it anyway. it'll be like a "where are they now" kind of thing once we've all left for collage//uni in about 4 months...

now, if you are PART OF the class then i expect you to contact me or lilly to get the password so you can upload your own art to the site. lilly and i have already decided that if you don't upload it, we'll steal your work and or photograph it and upload it for you anyway.

i've already put in a kind of "studio tour" -thing in there so if you think it sucks or i'm being bais or whatever either change it or tell me to, remember i did it at about 1am and i don't rememebr everything about everyone so if it turns out maryanne or anyone else isn't actually doing what i said they were then PLEASE tell me about it -_-; could you imagin how stupid it would be if i said she was doing ponies and in reality she was doing mongolian bird-eating spiders or something totally insanely different like that?

help me out, tell the people i can't get in contact with.
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