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it's best to die stupid [28 Feb 2007|04:41pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Howard [the tutor] makes a point of giving everyone in his class one of these maps at the start of each subject//term.
We're doing european history, so I guess it's good way to get to know the area we'll be studying.

This is the one I got//filled out today.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And y'know, I'm proud of myself. I got at least 3 more than last year.

I hope everyone else is enjoying first week back as well

a tribute to TBS [16 Aug 2006|09:17am]

[ mood | chipper ]

a conversations featuring mana, simo & a few band lyricsCollapse )


[11 Jan 2006|11:27am]

[ mood | calm ]

so because i changed usernames i am no longer maintaining my community.
amanda is, and she doesn't even use that journal anymore.
so basically no one is maintaining this community.

i'm bored.
here is my caveman.
his name is gus.

isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life?
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[23 Dec 2005|09:56pm]

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don't look so worried [28 Nov 2005|12:22am]

[ mood | at least it's accurate... ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[17 Nov 2005|10:52pm]

[ mood | hhhmmm..? ]


does anyone know where my 'Guero' cd is? 


I seem to have lost it...


it's enlightening [31 Oct 2005|06:36pm]

[ mood | stupid EMOkid hair! ]

today i walked into Toxic with suzie [trying to find these hair clips they use to have but don't have anymore] and every god. damn. thing. that i put up against my head made me seem even more like an EMOkid than i do already.

the only exception for this was the leopard-skin pimp hat i put on as a joke. ironically, i Hate leopard skin things about the same as i Hate looking like an EMOkid.

so, it's now official, i can no longer wear things in my hair without looking like an EMOkid. which is driving me insane.

does anyone know where i can get a blonde wig?

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[31 Oct 2005|06:07pm]

do do do do..
i suck at studying.
entertain me.
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[13 Oct 2005|05:45pm]

and this is my random moment reading entertainment news..

[10 Sep 2005|02:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

so since yesterday i have been working on the on-going present to meilak.


go there under your own dev.art id and "watch it" if you're part of the class. if you're not part of the class and you have a dev.art id then watch it anyway. it'll be like a "where are they now" kind of thing once we've all left for collage//uni in about 4 months...

now, if you are PART OF the class then i expect you to contact me or lilly to get the password so you can upload your own art to the site. lilly and i have already decided that if you don't upload it, we'll steal your work and or photograph it and upload it for you anyway.

i've already put in a kind of "studio tour" -thing in there so if you think it sucks or i'm being bais or whatever either change it or tell me to, remember i did it at about 1am and i don't rememebr everything about everyone so if it turns out maryanne or anyone else isn't actually doing what i said they were then PLEASE tell me about it -_-; could you imagin how stupid it would be if i said she was doing ponies and in reality she was doing mongolian bird-eating spiders or something totally insanely different like that?

help me out, tell the people i can't get in contact with.

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[08 Sep 2005|07:47am]

lol.. carla had it in her entries.. but i have to add it here.
it was done months ago. funniest shit ever in the history of emails!

by mark dane dean and some other cunts

Galvin Park: Where your safety is not our concern.
Galvin Park: Where you don’t need an education to pass.
Galvin Park: Who says you need teachers?
Galvin Park: Up and running, and we don’t know why.
Galvin Park: Where the students are dumb.
Galvin Park: Got drugs? Enroll today!
Galvin Park: Supplying Victoria’s bricklayers since 1995.
Galvin Park: Proudly supporting Centrelink since 1998.
Galvin Park: This slogan speaks for it all.
Galvin Park: No stabbings since 5 minutes ago.
Galvin Park: Filling Victoria’s jails since…well, forever.
Galvin Park: The only place were wogs are equally intelligent as everyone else.
Galvin Park: Teached the good England since 1993.
Galvin Park: Ruining careers and beating queers.
Galvin Park: Another day, Another murder.
Galvin Park: Werribee’s answer to Columbine.
Galvin Park: We’ll fuck your kid up.
Galvin Park: Dreaming the new day… with the help of marijuana.
Galvin Park: We’ve got no gym.
Galvin Park: Think of us as the best of the shit schools.
Galvin Park: Freedom and Joy…?
Galvin Park: Where you can swear in class…fuck.
Galvin Park: She aint gunna happen.
Galvin Park: Who names a park Galvin?
Galvin Park: Where daily beatings are a subject.
Galvin Park: Where VCE stands for; Valium, Crack, Ecstasy.
Galvin Park: Teaching students how to kill.
Galvin Park: Ummm… we’ll get back to you.
Galvin Park: We got sluts!
Galvin Park: We cant afford a full slo…
Galvin Park: Follow the smell.
Galvin Park: Supporting Werribee’s underground sex scene since 1987.
Galvin Park: Where the word education means ‘get fucked’.
Galvin Park: For fuck’s sake, give us money.
Galvin Park: Crushing dreams and Burninghopes
Galvin Park: Sup, nigger.
Galvin Park: We spent all our funding on security.
Galvin Park: Avoiding Government inspections since we opened.
Galvin Park: Where dumb kids are geniuses.
Galvin Park: For maths we learn how to shoot up properly.
Galvin Park: Where unintelligence is a must.
Galvin Park: Where the teachers are drop-outs.
Galvin Park: Making your licence plates for the past 15 years.
Galvin Park: Needle-licking good!
Galvin Park: Where MacKillop is better.
Galvin Park: Keeping your drug addicts off the street for 6 hours a day.
Galvin Park: Now accepting lepers, hell... weve got everything elce.
Galvin Park: Got bong?
Galvin Park: We’re not catholic, enough said.
Galvin Park: Hey… We’re better than Thomas Carr.
Galvin Park: Slut classes in B Block.
Galvin Park: Training minors everyday.
Galvin Park: You thought September 11th was bad.
Galvin Park: More like, Melvin Clark.
Galvin Park: We kill people.
Galvin Park: Cum one Cum all.
Galvin Park: Campaigning for mass-murder to be a subject since 1985.
Galvin Park: Why can’t the government leave us alone.
Galvin Park: Cheap crack.
Galvin Park: We’re not THAT bad.
Galvin Park: Even the teachers put out.
Galvin Park: We’ll impregnate your daughters.
Galvin Park: Schooling and Late Night Abortions.
Galvin Park: Who the fuck is Jesus?
Galvin Park: The garbologist capital of Victoria.
Galvin Park: You’ll still be living with your Mum when you’re 34.
Galvin Park: You’ll regret this.
Galvin Park: We’re fucked.

[07 Sep 2005|07:56pm]

[ mood | happy ]

this place seemed like it needed a lift... besides the fantasmagorical had become very rare these days.

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[26 Aug 2005|07:05pm]

[ mood | it's fun to be alive. ]

and this didn't have anything to do with 'be a bitch to simo day' i swear....Collapse )

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[17 Aug 2005|10:10am]

so being bored in lit i decided to do a kind of fantasmagorical creation, only it was hard to do on a laptop.

and also after the prank phone calls on the last track of the goldfinger cd.. THEY PLAY WAYNE GRETSKY
not that i ever remember how to spell it...

"the only man i'd have sex with, wayne gretsky...
i wonder what he looks like naked"
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[12 Aug 2005|04:54pm]

An example of irony is...Collapse )

Photographer: David Lachapelle

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el simerito's guide to life [12 Aug 2005|04:23pm]

1. give every type of music genre a chance. if you hate it, then you can call it whatever the fuck you want. don't knock it cos it's mainstream.
2. never ever ever hook up with a good friend. the only exceptions here are drunken rampages or if you thought they were a twin! this only ends in either it being awkward, not talking or even a relationship, and then disaster.
3. year long relationships are only for those who plan to be married and pregnant by 19.
4. if you classify yourself as a punk for wearing a spikey belt i will stab you with the belt your wearing. go to the city, find a guy who looks like he came from the 80s wearing a leather jacket and spikey metal objects everywhere, then ask him what a punk is. you know what, he wont know either.
5. we are fucking teenagers. fun it a must.
6. at least one episode of family guy must be watched a week.
7. when at school, if bored, cutting up rubbers into millions and millions of peices always provides for good entertainment.
8. don't judge anyone on past mistakes. a second chance is allowed. BUT if they go back to old tricks, then throw them out into the gutter =D
9. hippy midgets are the new black.
10. spread the paperheartchain love like mana does. hate is such an ugly word.
11. ice cream on a cold winters day is acceptable and entertaining.
12. any diary of sorts much either be locked in a safe, or locked on the internet. remember that parents do search rooms sometimes.
13. no drugs at home.
14. casualness is a must when you don't trust yourself in a relationship.
15. friends first, partners second.

this has been brought to you buy another el simerito memo.
stay clean, stay safe, stay hot.
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[06 Aug 2005|10:36pm]

[ mood | kooky dammit! ]

do do, do do do, do do, do do do... does this site still exsist! yeah! this was sung! so if you just read it go back and sing it! SING IT DAMN IT!!!!!!!! SING AND THEN DANCE *pronounced in an uppety sort of way* LIKE A MONKEY FOR ME! which will result in no enjoyment for me at all becuase of course i cant see you!

But if you are dancing like a monkey right now i demand that you send dancing monkey telepathic signals to me so i that I CAN apprieciate you being a fool for my pleasure. or comment hmmm that could work...
fool fool fool fool fool......... its the only way to go.
and OH! adopt a sturdy table while your at it coz their real good for important things like reciting monologues upon and DANCING LIKE A FREAKIN MONKEY!
okay stop with the monkey shit lil! your even freaking your self out now!
hey simo i listen to rock, my parents dont like it but i dont care! COZ IM NOT A ROBOT! *insert robot stance* hehehe i got to watch family guy last night at calebs! hoorah for that!
STOP it lil that last sentence was way too normal! gaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr.
making up for glitches in kookiness with pirate noises is always a good idea!
and also for calming ones nerves upon highty hights.
my claymation figure has no hannnnnnnnndsssssss its stumpy! becka would not appreciate at all!!!!!!!!!
i am apparently about to become part of simos non lesbian lesbian threesome with benefits. sounds good where do i sign!
simo, choose well has almost died! we ust give it a grand rebirth with a visit to subway soooooooon!
i demand it!

yes well........ i cant even try to explain why i did that... nothing can get me out of this one. hehe brilliant!

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[01 Aug 2005|05:43pm]

i'm having lilly's babies.
just in case you all didn't know.

and once i introduce lilly and rachel she will be apart of our happy lesbian-ish life partnerhood. only we will only be friends with benefits and straight.
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[27 Jul 2005|10:02pm]

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Live from school.. [11 Jul 2005|12:25pm]

[ mood | bored ]

my beautiful spoink__ community is being neglected.
so as the faithful owner i shall write some sort of a lame-ass entry about my love for conor oberst.
lately he's my new craze.. he's always been beautiful but eh, i'm infatuated with him now.
and his lyrics make him oh so much more beautiful..

my favourite bright eyes song is lover i don't have to love.
i also love a perfect sonnet, no lies: just love, something vague and it's cool, we can still be friends.

i love the filmclip for easy/lucky/free because it's completely random and has 3 or more minutes of conor oberst..mmm...

okay so that's about all i have to write.

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