April 26th, 2009


Stealth Division

Hey kids, I gotta a proposition for anyone who is interested in RPing in the the most popular stealth gaming  fandoms. Pick a character in between the worlds of Metal Gear, Syphon Filter and/or Splinter Cell and go ahead and have some fun. If you care to read the plot that has been going on, then go ahead. If not, then just wander around you migh get to know. Anyways, open for anyone interested since it is a fact that things like these help the fandoms. So while we wait for Conviction we can play around there.


Posted it like since LJ links suck sometimes

P,.S. Rules need a bit of forming, but that'll be done in due time. You can go ahead either way. The rule that I'll give you from now is, be creative, and have fun.
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