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Hey folks. Just wanted to talk to other fans about what they think of recent games.

1.Conviction has been out for a few months, what do you think of it?

2.How should the next SC game play out?

3.Any other Clancy games your looking forward to?/What do you think Ubisoft should do with future Clancy games?

Here are my thoughts:

1. I honestly thought the single player was a lot of hero worship (which I despise). Everybody and their mother in the game seems to know who Sam Fisher is, and a lot of the bad guys are foul mouthed buffoons who talk a lot of shit. The co-op was so much more enjoyable over the single player. In fact, it was better than the single player, and past co-op modes (CT and DA) combined.

2. With recent R6 (Rainbow Six) and SC games, Ubisoft has adopted P.E.C. quite often, adding a certain RPG element to these two series, which I think is a great idea. Players should be awarded in game for their feats. The next SC game should be even more of an RPG, including suit customization, and even facial/sex customization (like in the latest R6 game). The story should revolve around Anna officially taking over Third Echelon, and sending her raw recruit out to locate Sam. In this way, the recruit can be male or female. I wouldn't go so far as to say the next SC game should be like Alpha Protocol, but it'd be neat to send your lone operative to various locales, by your choice. Like various leads that you track down at your leisure, and maybe even sidequests. This probably sounds a bit like heresy, coming from a hardcore fan of the first game, but hey...formulas for past SC games obviously didn't last very long. It's good to change it up.

3. I think the next R6 game should revolve around team Rainbow hunting down the guys who purchased intel on the organization's members (not to mention that unresolved plot detail where Gabe purchased warheads). Like following a crumb trail, starting with the last level of Vegas 2, and then continuing on into South America, maybe to Central Asia, Chechnya...fun places like that. As usual, they should retain V2's formula (exp points, P.E.C, etc)

Anyway. What do you folks think?

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