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Mojo Central

Oooooh. Shot down.

The Come-On Line Up
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got mojo?

The Roast

Come here to get your mojo measured.

Leave rejection issues at the door. In fact,leave most issues at the door. We're buying confidence,character,intelligence, wit, and reason. And a nice ass never hurts.And if "open-mindedness" isn't your brand of vodka, RUN.

In the form of an lj-cut, copy and paste the following:

Define mojo, in your own terms.
Any off the wall talents to mention?
Most interesting thing you've ever done in a corner.
Give me 3 quotes you WISHED you thought of first.
Favorite author.
Most random night of your life. Explain in three words. I said THREE.
Explain one thing that turns you on in the sex you prefer.
Explain one thing that you do that you KNOW turns on others. Don't get dirty here, it could be anything from incessant leg-crossing to your knowledge on Chinese medicine.

Now, give me a come-on line.

3 pictures of you just being YOU. Don't be contrived, don't be overly sexy. Give me natural, something a little less Anna Nicole Smith.