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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries.


  2009.03.07  21.05
Me and the girlfriend fighting caught on tape!


  2006.01.16  15.21
Cad. Yell.

When I think camdium yellow I think of her. When I think dandmium yellow I think of her. Black or white and any shade of grey I think of her. It just so happens to be that the rays of sun at 3 in the p.m. reflecting off of my window and any other 3-d image outside of it happen to be cadmium yellow. Cadmium yellow, so interesting the subject to be. The reason why I'm awake and not asleep is because I was cordially invited, yes I, Rebecca Vigil to take a nap with my gorgeous and lovely girlfriend a good well let's say 20 minutes ago possibly 21 now. But I was already sleeping! We talked we talked I told her to nap well and we'll probably see each other later tonight and fall asleep. But I want to fall asleep now! Why am I still her writing this! I couldn't possibly fall asleep. Thoughts of sleeping alone and sleeping with her debated in my mind at rapid paces causing me to rush upstairs and turn the internet on. To find this community that I've neglected so well! Why am I here? Why am I here?! oh brisk thoughts OH MY GOD MY TEA MIGHT BE burning. Oh lord.

The tea is fine. Lipton it is. So the reason why I am here is because I'd get there, I'd kiss her...be suctioned to her face and we wouldn't sleep. I had a much more detailed scenario in my head but I'm sure you can leave your imagination up to details.


  2005.05.22  13.57

Hey guys, I have formed a writing community if you'd like to join. I'm posting a new topic to write from every week and so on.



  2005.04.26  00.00
feelin froggy?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i stays fly.


  2005.04.08  22.29
i made a promo device.


hope i wasn't overstepping my bounds. just thought it might be nice.

Mood: content

  2005.03.15  21.53
is there a here here?


  2005.02.26  12.40
try me on: i may not fit. the lace at the hem might itch a little...

application.Collapse )

Mood: i don't know.


  2005.02.26  02.55

click to see Old Crow Medicine Show trip pictures

the banjo picker on the far right soooo winked at me.


  2005.02.23  17.13

c'mon. what are you waiting for?

Mood: ditzy

  2005.02.21  22.11

BOOM! shaka-laka-laka...Collapse )


  2005.02.21  22.40
measure my mojo

all I want is to...breakout!Collapse )


  2005.02.19  23.06

caution-------pics under lj cut.

Read more...Collapse )


  2005.02.19  22.07

new pics


  2005.02.19  17.57
new journal

it's me, the blogger formerly known as once_thin

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Mood: happy

  2005.02.17  10.38

blaow!Collapse )


  2005.02.14  01.57

Went to a western-themed murder mystery dinner party (I know, I know, that's an awful lot of adjectives for one dinner party) this weekend.

One (almost) mean hombreCollapse )

In other news, I'm excited about this community, and wanted to help promote it, so I made some banners (and an icon, if you want to use it for the community, frontporchmafia). Feel free to use them-- or not.

cheers!Collapse )

Mood: amused

  2005.02.12  21.50

le applicationCollapse )

Mood: d-qwon danse

  2005.02.12  03.11
Heeeeeeeere's Melanie

Ms. Mojo Risin'Collapse )


  2005.02.11  16.28

Do me.Collapse )