Donnnnie <3

I'm also new to livejournal, and this donnie group is my first discovery. *waves!*
this is great.. so many DD lovers!
actually, I just watched it again last night..
soooo good :D

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Donnie Darko Fans wanted at!

Hey guys,
Have you added yourself to the Matchflick Donnie Darko fan list: Click here for the list

If not, be sure to. Matchflick is a community of movie fans! Meet Donnie Darko fans from all over the US (and find fans in your city) Its really cool and a lot of fun :)

Song in first scene

Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing in the first scene of the movie when Donnie is riding his bike through Middlesex? I can't stop thinking about it. It would also be helpful if anyone knew who it's by.
No, I don&#39;t think so.

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Icons, once again.
The entire post has 200, but I'm giving you a link to my icon journal because I'd really hate to waste bandwidth and such.
And to those in the fandom of the manga Death Note, there are spoilers for page 58
[that was put there so I don't get yelled at by someone in this community for spoilers ^^]

[x] Samantha Darko - 1
[x] Elizabeth Darko - 1
[x] Donnie Darko - 3


oh, and I apologise for all the crossposting this will undergo
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