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Don't waste one tear on compromise - The Something-Wicked.net Community


Something Wicked
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Hello everyone! This is Something-Wicked's official livejournal community. Here you can discuss theories, post stories, art, or anything else that tickles your fancy pertaining to Harry Potter. There are, as always, a few simple rules.

1. You must place all art and fiction behind an lj-cut. We don't want anyone accidentally stumbling upon graphic material while they are at work or at home with someone who should not see it in the room. It leads to too many questions, and frankly, Ariel xveritaserumx, Kat ninechords, and I would feel quite bad if our community was the cause of someone getting grounded, fire, or put under a lengthy questions and answers section. So, please, keep others in mind while you are posting. We would also like to see some sort of summary, a title, rating, and the pair (if any) it includes. Those who comment must be polite and offer constructive critism or not comment at all.

2. If posting more than five icons at a time, you must put them under an lj-cut. Other members may not appreciate having to scroll through an endless entry if they don't want to.

3. Theories, observations, ship debates, etc... must also be placed under an lj-cut. Remember the length. We do, however, suggest that while you are debating, you should please be somewhat nice to eachother. We don't want our members to start throwing glass at eachother. That would hurt.

4. Fic/Art recs are absolutely fine but you must provide us with information other than--"Hey check out this fic! It's really good!" We would like to see some sort of summary, a title, rating, and the pair (if any) it includes.

5. Ariel and I reserve the right to post anything from the lj community onto the website unless you state in your post that you do not want us to. Only completed works will be put on the site.

6. Have fun! Ahh, the cheesy one. Yes, Ariel and I are both as corny as Kansas in August--especially when it comes to Harry Potter. Both of us absolutely revel in being dorks, and naturally, we would like you to let go while you are here and just have as much fun as the Potterhead in you wants to. :)

Yay for rules. They are oh so much fun, are they not?

Jenn fate_envies_us, your co-mod.
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