SB/HP Classics... Do they exist?

SB/HP Classics... Do they exist? That question has been plaguing my mind for a while... Can someone please point me in the direction of a good LONG and I mean L-O-N-G (ie. NOVEL-LENGTH) Sirry fic?
Thank you.

Oh, and one other thing, it CAN NOT be a Deathfic... After 'If You Are Prepaired', OotP and HB-P I've gone right off those.

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Into The Fire

I've just started posting my newest I would really appreciate people checking it out...If you do, please review at the site :-)

Title: Into The Fire (
Author: Ruinsul (
Rating: PG-13/T
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings: Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny

Summary: Sobbing on the cold floor, I could hear Ron's cries of torment from a nearby room. Each anguished yell struck my heart like the blow of a knife. "Help us, Harry," I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Find us."

Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the plot :-)

There's only one chapter up so far, but I'm probably going to repost this when I finished posting the story hehe :-)
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They say there are stages of mourning... (Harry/Ron)

Title: They say there are stages of mourning...
Author: Ashley Russell aka notthequiettype
Archive: My memories.
Pairing: Harry/Ron
Rating: Adult
Word Count: 1,910
Warnings: Angst. The angstiest I have ever been I believe. Un-beta-ed.
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. JKR's characters lack genitals.
Summary: The summer after fifth year is painful for Harry. Ron is the only person who can save him.
Notes: I wrote this in about three hours at 2am and finished it just moments ago. Please let me know if there are any horrible glaring mistakes. This is based around the five stages of mourning. It started as Harry/Ron became genfic and then Harry/Ron again as I was writing it.

( They say there are stages of mourning... )
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First MWPP Story :-)

Hiya! I'm new to this community and have been writing my first MWPP fanfiction (certainly not my last though)...soooo here it is :-)

Title: Breaking Up The Marauders (

Penname: Ruinsul

Rating: PG-13/T

"There can't be any Marauder pranks if there aren't any Marauders..."
When the Marauders finally push Lily and her friends too far, they decide to retaliate. But even the most carefully laid out plan can go awry...

Diclaimer: If I owned Harry Potter that would be great...but I don' don't sue me

Notes: I promise this is not a cliche plot...not at all

Check it out :-)
If you read, please review...I love feedback!
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They Should Draw the Line at Goats (Hermione/Ginny)

Title: They Should Draw the Line at Goats
Author: Ashley Russell aka notthequiettype
Archive: My memories.
Pairing: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: PG 13/R
Word Count: 673
Warnings: If I warn for femmeslash, should the het writers warn for het? Un-beta-ed.
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize. JKR's characters lack genitals.
Summary: Hermione and Ginny get along really well.
Notes: The title comes from a famous Elton John quote, "There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex. People should be very free with sex, they should draw the line at goats."
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new fics!

Hello, I'm Nepenthe and I've just joined a couple of communities in hopes of posting the small selection of fics I've written the past months. So I apologize in advance if you get this post ten times over. I know there is some great fiction out there, so I want to thank everybody who takes a moment to read what I have to offer. All my stories are Harry/Draco, just so you know. ^_^ Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

Title: Classic Stigma
Author: Nepenthe
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Genre: Drama
Format: Finished multipart
Rating: PG-13
Prequel: Becoming Nothing
Warnings: Some swearing.
Disclaimer: I own Harry’s new scars and Luna’s advice. Nothing more.
Summary: One has to grow up in order to understand what love is all about. Harry is struggling with the maturity of his and Draco’s relationship, along with dealing old haunts and fears, with only Hermione and Luna’s advice to guide him.

Thank you lvlysenbei and freaky_zero for beta'ing.

Title: Just Another Recollection
Author: Nepenthe (mishaphappens)
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Genre: Drama (little bit of everything)
Format: Finished multi-part
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 on part three!)
Warnings: Some swearing.
Disclaimer: I don't even own the idea to this one. XD
Summary: Based on 50 First Dates and insane conversations with freaky_zero on MSN. Draco’s short-term memory is destroyed from Harry’s dueling spell, causing him to wake up every morning like it’s just the next day. When, in fact, it has been three years. We come in on the morning that Draco wakes up early and finds a Mister Harry Potter in his bed...
Thank you, freaky_zero and rurounihime for beta'ing.
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(no subject)

Hello! I'm new here and a super huge HP nerd. Here's one of two fics I'm working on, though I'm devoting most (all) of my attention to this one right now. Check it out if you're interested and leave a review! I will love you forever!!!

Title: 10 Habits of a Highly Effective Hermione
Author: Jgurlpunkrck
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape
Rating: Ch 1-3: PG-13; Ch4: NC-17
Summary: Head Girl Hermione Granger has everything worked out so that she can study for the coming NEWTs. With everything ready and her plan in place, only one thing stands in the way. Professor Severus Snape.
Standard Disclaimer: All characters in this story are property of JK Rowling. Had I been the genius that she is and come up with HP before her, I would be out dancing naked in the street. As it is, I remain in my house fully clothed.
Pairing/Catagory: Character death. Lemons are not always as they seem...