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Name: Jeff Mavraganis
Nick-Names: Jeffy, Bro, Spanky
Age: 16
Birthday: July 28 1988

Location: Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada (that's near the capital of Canada called Ottawa)
Sex: Male

Band(s): Three Days Grace, 3 Doors Down, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Story Of The Year, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Staind, Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, The Reason, Rise Against, Thursday, Evanescence, Ben Moody... tons more dude...
Movie(s): umm... AntiTrust, Various Band DVDs, White Chicks... i dunno! hehe

TV Show(s): Fairly Odd Parents, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Yes Dear, Friends, Cops!?
Book(s): The Dark Materials by Philip Pullman including; The Golden Compass, The Subtil Knife and I forget the third book cause I haven't read it yet.. or even seen the damn thing.
Colour(s): dark red, dark blue, lime green, white, black... and pink.. that's emo :-D
Animal: dolphins, dogs, ryno
Food(s): if it has cheese.. gimmie!! and umm.. err.. pizza, any italian and i dunno.. cat food's not THAT bad..
Quote (Not Song Lyric): "The Only Privacy We Have Left... Was Left Inside Our Heads"
Store(s): West 49, uhh... i don't really shop anywhere else.. Steve's Music... Music World.. HMV... CD Warehouse... The Apple Store?!
Season: winter or summer... winter so I can snowboard and I LOVE snow and cold.. and summer cause... well who the fuck doesn't love summer!!
Song(s): (I Hate) Everything About You - Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace
CD(s): The Better Life by 3 Doors Down
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: see below...

(1)"walking example of you... just wait for the silence... talking backwards to you..." the reason being because the song Razorblades by Story Of The Year... well.. it's when my first online crush happened.. to Benji Brown from Australia.. all the way around the world.. it set me back I almost thought I was bipolar and got fucked for months because I wanted him sooo bad...

(2)"there's a choice to not end up like this..." a song by Chevelle... because it was letting me know that I don't have to be all down and emotional drained.. it actually lifted me up, told me to wake up... and that I CHOOSE.. not the music.. because I have this disorder where some music can influence me ... to do things.. like love.. or hate.. just because of my need to relate to the songs... it'ss sooo wierd.. but yeah.. it helped me get away from that..

Least Favourite Band: Anything that doesn't have substance.. it's not variety i lack.. dudes I can listen to Slipknot and then listen to some country thing... to me if it has meaning and substance then it's worth it's give and take... I usually don't have a lease fav. band.. but if i HAD to choose at gunpoint.. i'd have say Snoop Dog.. if that's even a band

Least Favourite TV Show: probably... Family Guy... ha! kiddin! kiddin! alright .. umm..probably paid ads.. i think it's sad as fuck that they can't sell they're products elsewhere.. i mean common'! if i can't sleep at 3AM.. i wouldn't mind some decent reruns of The Simposons instead of that bullshit

Do You
Have piercings, what?: yeah.. left eyebrow.. i got a spike thingy
Tattoos: not yet.. still saving for em
Drink: indeed i do!

Do Drugs: nah, that shit's stupid.. it's lame but music's my drug
Like School: depends what's goin on.. the education part I hate

Hobbies: soccer, my band, xbox, work, boyfriend... tv.. the works
Likes: listening to good advice... rocking out... playing live shows.. and being with Jamie
Dislikes: racist people, judgemental people, molds of society
Describe Your Personality: outgoing.. partier.. rocker... the rest depends.. really it does..
Anything Interesting About Yourself:: i dunno.. really.. i hate talkin about myself..
Best Concert Experience (explain): Billy Talent at Edgefest 2005 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Give Views On
Abortion: i think if yer gonna fuck and make babies.. keeep em or put them up for adoption.. i don't have a view on this because it's not even an option.. it's completely retarded and people who do it are sick.. fuckin bastards!
Racism: i dunno.. i'm a darker dude so meh.. but i couldn't care less.. i don't do it.. i don't care if people do it.. it's just an act to get attention.. a very sad one at that.
President Bush: i don't know enough about his "evil ways" to hate him or his "war on terrorism" to make him a myrter of some sort.. so meh... i think he's a stupid liar tho.. and that he's a poser.. he doesn't know what he's talking about.. he has a lower I.Q than the average burger flipper and is as unstable as Charles Manson... we.. need.. help!
Gay Marriage: considering i'm into dudes and have a boyfriend.. i think they should let dudes marry dudes and chicks marry chicks and let it go.. cause there's bigger issues in the world that need dealing with rather than this retarded shit.. i don't care what they do.. (even tho I can now in Canada).. if they said I couldn't... i'd tell them to fuck off and die because I'm gonna marry my boyfriend and they can burn in hell
SxE: sex? hmmm.. if it means sex as in fucking somebody then... i think sex happens between people because of our human needs.. .
Vegetarinism: thats cool, if people dont want to eat meat
School: stay in it if you aren't COMPLETEY sure of what to do in life.. if you have a PASSION.. fuck it.. go for the passion
Britney Spears: don't know her as herself... the brittany the media shows us is a skanky hoe and she's completey fake
Good Charlotte: i love good charlotte.. substance and dedication... they rock
Dashboard Confessional: again.. great band.. chris's voice is so wicked! unique and just insane! i think they are amazing.
fata: hmm.. feta cheese rules!! yumm :-P!!.. but wtf is fata!?
Story of the year: sick band, totally rad and more people should listen to them because they are great!

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