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Heroes Never Ask Why

black tears


Name: angela
Nick-Names: ang, ang mate, boges
Age: 17
B-Day: 22nd feb
Location: australia
Sex: female

Band(s): blink 182, tbs, finch, senses fail, unwritten law, dashboard confessional, something corporate, brand new, incubus, midtown, rufio, foo fighters, grinspoon, powderfinger, green day, thursday, the used....i could go on forever
Movie(s): umm i dunno....spiderman? cool action flicks and comedies mostly. haha meet the parents :)
TV Show(s): will&grace, two guys, a girl and a pizza place, spongebob squarepants :)
Book(s): dont have a particular favourite
Colour: purple
Animal: dolphin, dog
Food(s): zucchini pie, chicken curry noodles with cheese, greek good umm chinese etc
Quote (Not Song Lyric): "live to love and you will love to live"
Store(s): discount jeans, city beach, jeans west etc
Season: spring
Song(s): too many to name
CD(s): too many to name
Song Lyric And Give Reason Why: "What would you say if I asked you not to go?
To forget everyone, forget everything and start over with me
Would you take my hand and never let me go?
Promise me you'll never let me go" - promise by matchbook romance. i chose to put those lyrics cos i like them and it relates to a current situation
Least Favourite Band: outkast
Least Favourite TV Show: ummm joe millionaire...that show is shocking

Do You...
Have piercings, what?: yep, ears
Tattoos: nope
Drink: nope
Do Drugs: nope
Like School: yeah

Hobbies: basketball, computer, art
Likes: being happy, having a good time with mates, playing basketball, having a good joke in class with friends
Dislikes: racist people, judgemental people, people who say they are going to one thing and do the opposite
Describe Your Personality: happy and outgoing
Anything Interesting About Yourself: uhhh not really interesting but i just ate chocolate :P
Best Concert Experience (explain): grinspoon...it was insane

Give Views On..
Abortion: its wrong....i just finished an assignment on it today. to kill an innocent human being is immoral
Racism: dont like it. really dislike racist ppl
President Bush: dont really care
Gay Marriage: hard to say
SxE: is that meant to be sex?
Vegetarinism: thats cool, if people dont want to eat meat
School: good stuff
Britney Spears: loser
Good Charlotte: try-hards although some of their songs get in my head
Dashboard Confessional: love them...'as lovers go' and 'hands down' would have to be by 2 faves by them
fata: huh?
Story of the year: love them! :) their new album is good *thumbs up*
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