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Days Of Our Lives RPG

Wanted: Billie Reed, Stephanie Johnson, Frankie Brady, Kimberly Brady, Jeannie Donovan, Alice Horton, Carrie Brady

You want to join as any of these, I will make the journal, icons, and do the layout for you. Just leave a comment to let me know.
Journey pick me up love

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Does anyone know who the mod is of this community? This community could be cool but the mod left and their aren't enough people here! I wish it would grow.

Anyone planning on watching Who Wants to Be a Soap Star? It starts next week, on Thursday. I watched last season and thought it was pretty cool, although I didn't think Mykel was the best choice to win.

Alicia Leigh Willis (GH) was on SoapTalk with her dad yesterday, for a Father's day type episode. It was cute. :)

Hi guys

I'll get the community started.

I just saw previews for All My Children. Two actually. One Johnathan has a gun & he's got Lily & Greenlee hostage & I'm guessing Kendall knows where they are & she's the only one who can save them..

And the other one is..

JR tells Kendall that he likes her or something like that & he starts kissing her. I can't wait to see how they pull that one off.

It looks good. I don't want to spoil everything but you get the idea now.. ;)

Does anyone have any ideas how to make the community better?
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