°´¯`§hËrR¥´¯`° (ibe2sweet) wrote in so_hot_,

'too hot for this'

1. Name:Sherry
2. Age:21
3. Location:BSG,Va
4. Top 5 favorite bands:Linkin Park, Staind, Simple Plan, Metallica, & Good Charlotte
5. Top 5 movies:"Love & Basketball" "Sweet Home Alabama" "Taking Lives" "Gladiator" "Finding Nemo"
6. Why do you think you should be accepted?:Because I'm honest, friendly, and will vote and promote my butt off
7. What do you think about the owner (c0mpletely_)?:Well I don't know you but I checked out your lj info, you're cute and you play volleyball, what's not to love?
8. Any last words?:Thanks
9. PICTURES!!Warning-These were taken at my son's 1st b-day party, I was tired, worn out, and my make-up had left me long before the pics. I'll try to post better pics later on.

Sorry they weren't very clear
MuCh LuV

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