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Please read all rules before applying. If you don't bother to follow them, we won't bother to consider you.

Eccentric: Departing from a recognized, conventional, or established norm or pattern.


1| You must use a LJ-Cut to post pictures, and your application.
2| Once you join the community, you must post an application within 2 days.
3| If you get rejected, you may only apply one other time.
4| Do not argue with the mods or members. If you do, you will be banned.
5| Please, do remember, this is a rating community, and if you can't take a little criticism, please, don't apply.
6| In the subject of your application, please write, "My Eccentricities." so that we know you read the rules.
7| Do not comment on ANY other post until you are accepted.
8| If you are rejected, just leave. Kthnx.
9| There is a minimum of three clear pictures, along wiht one 100x100 picture for the accpeted list, that must be posted in your application - if they are not, you will almost definitely be rejected.
10| You must have more yes votes than no votes to be accepted. No exceptions.
11| On your application you must bold the questions.
12| If you don't put your application behind a lj-cut it WILL be deleted(you will recieve NO warning).

1| Once accepted, please post at least once a week.
2| Please try to vote on every application.
3| When voting, please put a yes, no, or undecided in the subject of your vote, it makes it eaiser to count up the votes(if by the time the votes are counted up you have not changed your 'undecided' vote to a no, it will be counted as a no).
4| If you want to promote another community, ask first(if you don't, the post WILL be deleted without notice). You will most likely be able to.(If you just CAN'T wait to be accepted go promote in one of these communities.)
5| When updating with pictures, please remember that the largest picture you can have outside a lj-cut is 400x400 pixels.
6| Do not be rude to the applicants. You want to be bitches/assholes go join __hottwithtwots. Don't do it here.
The exception: They are rude to you, say whatever you feel you need to back. :]

\\ Application:

Promo/Accepted/Rejected/Need more Vote(s) -Banners-.
((These are the ONE things you have the RIGHT to use&abuse, so take advantage!))

Members List.
((Our Eccentricities[looks wise.]))


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