I know it's been forever...

Hey everyone! I know the group is dead, but quite a few of you supported me in being a growing artist and I thought I'd give a little update on what I've been up to!

I'm now pursuing a career as an illustrator and am finishing up my last year of college attempting a BFA in Painting. I have an art blog over at 30_paintings for all of my recent work.

I also am selling prints and originals of my work at my store!

Original Paintings for Sale!

New Resolution

Three Hearts to Break


New print!

Someone Else's Sunset

If you buy a print or an original within the next 7 days (ends midnight July 3rd) with the coupon code ARTFTW (art for the win), you'll receive 10% off!

AND if you buy an ORIGINAL painting, you'll receive one PRINT of your choice for free! This is also running until midnight July 3rd.

Take care everyone! <3
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