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snapshots_'s Journal

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  • This community isnt based on looks like some shallow communities. This is based on your photography and your application.
  • Being unique is a plus+.
  • Advertising is a must at least when you get in. Once or twice, the more members the better the community.
  • When and if you are accepted please update at least once a day.
  • Be rude, be bitchy but dont be upset when people are the same back to you.
  • Use an LJ-cut for applications!

    Name: Brittany
    Age: 15

    Name: Lexie
    Age: 15

  • SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: this is the only thing you don't put behind the lj-cut. you have to tell us your name, age, and where you live. other than that, you can put anything you want here --- a funny story that happened to you, something random, yeah. anything. make it interesting and atleast 3 sentences.
  • LIKES/DISLIKES: tell us things that annoy you or something you couldn't live without. your favorite books and movies. minimum is 3 for each category.
  • OPINIONS: on bush, gay marriages, sex before marriage, religion, drugs, anything and everything you can think of. knowing your opinions lets us know you a little bit better!
  • PROMOTE: the more members the more fun and interesting things are, right? everyone wants friends. so, promote us and show us the link. it can be anywhere --- your brother's livejournal, another community, or a website.
  • PICTURES: this isn't a must, but it is a plus. you can post as few as one and as many as 10. don't make them humungous and don't photoshop them so we can't tell what the picture is of. <3