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[09 Jul 2004|12:30pm]



  • Presenting Me-   MY name is Jordin , im 15 and from Lubbock, Texas. Its so dry and flat. So flat that you could watch your dog runaway for three days. pretty sad. What can i say... I'm like big garage band freak, and i was in Dallas watching this band. And me and my friend were the only ones there to see them. so they dedicated their last song to us. It was pretty cool. So i always watch the Blue Collar COmedy Tour and when they do "You might be a redneck if...." well our familys redneck-ness(what?) is You might be a Redneck if you have a bugzapper in the living room. We had ours in the living room at the lake house. it was very funny and smelly.

    these knuckles break before they bleedCollapse )
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    hmm [09 Jul 2004|11:29am]

    [ mood | peaceful ]

    whats good everybody?




     i became inerested in photography about a year ago, and its about all i do.  its really cool because i live downtown and theres lots of photo opportunites. o and i like coffee ice cream.

    i hate death cab for cutieCollapse )

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    [27 Jun 2004|07:23pm]
    Hi this is Elizabeth (astral_) leting you know I changed usernames...

    What a dissapointment this post was indeed.
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    Application - Elizabeth for Dummies [02 Jun 2004|08:36pm]

    [ mood | cheerful ]

    Hidey Hi campers! My name is Elizabeth but any abbreviation of the former is groovy in my book. Apart from Fred of course as that would be plain silly.. Ah spank my monkey.

    Anyhow I am 16 in October and since birth have taken residence in London. The area of London which I live has the highest abortion and teen pregnancy rate in the whole of Europe. Isn’t that something to run and tell the grandchildren.. KA-CHING

    Wow I really know how to sell myself..Collapse )

    Enjoy :D. (Congratulations to those who actually read the whole boring thing)

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    new. [01 Jun 2004|05:31pm]

    [ mood | blah ]

    just joined today.

    i plan on applying, but i don't have enough time to complete the application right now because i have to go to my sister's graduation :|

    look for it in a few hours.

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    i live in notes & photographs [27 May 2004|11:10pm]

    [ mood | mischievous ]

    my application;

    SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: my name is sharon. im 14. my birthday is on spet. 11th. i live in canada. ive been stung my bees and hornets at least 10 times and i want a llama. im a weird kid and im creative.
    and everything im holding backCollapse )

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    [18 May 2004|08:16pm]

    first 5 people to join are basically shoo-ins.

    we need members.
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    346364 [27 May 2004|01:03pm]
    [ mood | mood ]

    join & promote guys. we love you.

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