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another livejournal vanity community

smile pretty
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to smile_pretty_!

We would prefer our members to be 13-19 years old!


1. Please post your pictures within 48 hours of joining. If you don't, you'll be removed and most likely banned from the community for lurking.

2. Please remember to use an lj cut when using more then one picture to be voted on. If you do not know how to do so, please learn. If asked to use an lj cut and you do not do so, you will immeditly be banned.

3. Once you recieve a certain amount of votes, we will count them and decide if you have enough yes votes to be a member. If you are not accepted you will be banned. Second chances are given occassionally, but this rule is strictly enforced. aim sn-- xxmissjtxx

4. If you are banned from the community, please refrain from arguing with other members or e-mailing us with complaints.

5. Only stamped members may vote. If you are not stamped, you will be banned.

6. Joke posts will be immediately deleted, and you will be banned and reported to LJ-abuse.

7. Do not argue with accepted members. If this happens, you will be banned.

8. Please remeber that posting your pictures in this community is not reqired of you, it is for fun and you chose to post your pictures. Do not get angry if you are not accepted. It is nothing personal.

9. Please post as many pics as possible. Also, include your name, age and any other basic info we might find interesting in your post.

10. Most importantly---NO NUDITY!!

If you are accepted...

1. The mod who stamps you will be the one to add you to the accepted members list. You do not need to notify us upon being stamped.

2. Yes, we do have theme weeks.

3. You may make stamped posts with pictures as often as you'd like, just don't let it get out of hand. We love your looks, but we'll get tired of seeing them if you post too often. The mods will warn you if you post too often, then ban you if it continues after that.

4. Please, get along. If the mods see flame wars, you will be warned, then banned if it happens again.







Accepted Members

xraindropsx, f4llinxinlov3, orngnotpnk, shelby_kay,stupidjamestinkermemandi, amanda_x_panda, mandi_xo, lordxyyndragon, tenderly, _fps, nicolex0, blindfate, lolarocknrola, imperfecti0n, nirerin, diirty_blonde, _sextasy, gasm, highxsociety, fictioning, xoxo_me

this lovely banner was made for us by blankhorizon