Sarah (sarrybaby) wrote in smile_pretty_,


Name: Sarah
Location: Canada
Favorite Line: Love me!
Favorite bands: beyonce- jay-z-kelis
Least Favorite bands: Evanesence
Top 5 favorite (&least) things about you:
Favorite: my smile, teeth, hair, skin, personality
Least: My feet, my eyes, my eyebrows, my boobs, my legs
If you were accepted what would you bring ot the community?: I would bring a postive attitude to the community, I would rate people with the honest truth, and not be rude in any way. I would just bring me!
What makes you cute? I think what makes me cute is my personality, always bubbily and angelic. I also love my skin and smile.

ps. One pic is of me with green eyes, I just learned how to do that in Photoshop and so I am very proud! hehe! Plus I like my eyes better in green what do you guys think?
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