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Slam Book

For the 12 year-old girl in all of us.

Slam Book!
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Welcome to the online-version of the Slam Book.

I was feeling a little nostalgic yesterday, and I started thinking about our old school Slam Books, and how they were the greatest things ever made.

I thought to myself, "Why not make an online version of it?"

...So I did.

It's very simple. You can:
1)Post a question, and answer it.
2)Answer the questions that are already posted, by commenting on it.

In the original slam books, everyone would pick a symbol to represent them, and when they answered the questions, they would draw the symbol instead of a name.
In the Cyber Slam Book, we can just use our usernames.

There aren't that many rules. Just don't post really stupid questions and/or questions that have already been posted.

Also, I would really just like this community to be accessible to my lj-friends, and their lj-friends. If you promote, only promote on your livejournal, and not on a community full of strangers.

...Please promote.