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Name: Shelly
Age: 17
Location: Pittsburgh,PA
Sex: Female
Describe yourself: Very open minded,sarcastic,friendly,Careing,talented,funny
What your best feature is: My best feature would have to be my sense of humor
Hobbies: Singing,Shopping,hanging out with friends, going to the movies, watching movies, learning new things about different people and their cultures.
Boyfriend/girlfriend: yes, i have a boyfriend
Body Modification (piercings, tattoo's etc.): i have my belly button done, and 1 tattoo on my lower back of a butterfly
Your flaws: honestly,i think everyone is beautiful in their own way,BUT if i would have to change something about myself,it would have to be my whole thing with trust. I dont trust people very easily.

Bands[name atleast 5]: Kenny Chesney,Guns *N* Roses,JO JO,Ashlee Simpson,Christina Aguilera,britney Spears,Jessica Simpson.
Quote: " Never judge people if you dont want them to judge you back. its what is on the inside that counts"
Color: Pink
Movies[name atleast 3] Showgirls,Austin Powers,Billy Madison
Books[at least 3]: Learning to fly, Mice of men,Romeo and Juliet
T.V. Shows: Newlyweds,the Simple Life,Ashlee Simpson,Behind the music,Dr.90210,True Life

.Views On.(Explain your answers, dont half-ass them)
Homosexuality: i believe that you cant help who you fall inlove with. If it happens to be someone of the same sex, then fine. It doesnt bother me. I have many friends who are homosexual. I think it is great to see them so happy. I just dont think it is right how people lable others. Just becasue they are homosexual doesnt make them bad people. But yes,i do not have a problem with it. and i think that whatever makes people happy ..that is all that matters.
Government: i dont really follow it that much, it gets way to confusing for me honestly. One thing i know i dont think about it though. That they band homosexual marriage. i think that was wrong. They have the same right as anyone else to get married and be happy.
Drugs: i do not do them,i am against them. If someone chooses to use them..that is all up to them. i have seen my friends get really sick over using them and i dont understand why someone would wanna risk their life by just getting high so a certain period of time. But it is their choice. i will never do them,nor have i tried them and i dont plan to.
Abortion: TGOTALLY AGAINST IT. I think that if you didnt wear protection while u were doing it and you get preg. then i think it is only right to have the baby. dont kill it. Give it up for adoption. I dont understand how someone could do that. When it deals with a medical problem though, then i could understand like the mothers health. but if it is just becasue the boyfriend and girlfriend didnt use protection and were not careful and they just dont want to take care of it. Im against it.
The war in Iraq: Im for it,but then again im not. Im for it because i think that once we get all of the bad people out of there the people in iraq will live so much better. and they will not live in fear any longer. Im against it because the poor people are being killed,innocent people because of bombs and such.

Anything you would like to add: No,i think i said all i needed to say :)

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Name: Austin
Age: 26
Location: Oklahoma
Sex: Male
Describe yourself: fun-loving, adventurous, crazy, a little dark.
What your best feature is: sense of humour
Hobbies: playing bass, goint to music shows, playing video games
Boyfriend/girlfriend: nothing serious
Body Modification (piercings, tattoo's etc.): 6 piercings and 14 tattoos
Your flaws: egotistical, narcissistic, procrastinator

Bands[name atleast 5]:tool, bad religion, misfits, dead kennedy's, 18 visions
Quote: "On a long enough time line, the survivability rate for everyone drops to zero"
Color: Blood Red
Movies[name atleast 3], Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Way of the Gun
Books[at least 3]: The Stand, Imajica, H.P. Lovecraft
T.V. Shows: Futurama, Simpsons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

.Views On.(Explain your answers, dont half-ass them)
Homosexuality:I have no problem with gays, I have several freinds that are gay.
Government: It isn't perfect, but it is the best one we found so far.
Drugs: I am all for drugs
Abortion: It is a mothers decision
The war in Iraq: I was there when the first short was fired in March of last year, I was in Baghdad every day while I was there.. I did not enjoy it

Anything you would like to add:

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