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You are true love. You love to be romantic, and can
be on the needy side. You are also very caring,
open, and honest, and are looking for a long
lasting relationship. You can get very hurt
when people break up with you, but you are very
optimistic and get over it quickly. You believe
in soul mates.

What Type Of Love Are You?
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Unfortunately this is true. I'm quite needy. I'm looking for a long-lasting relationship in college which will never be becuase everybody is just fucking each other. Nobody wants relationships now-a-days. But ... I do. And I don't get over it quickly...and I'm not optimisitc. :o/ Oh well.
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I'm not letting this community die. People aren't being active.

I made a new application. EVERYONE in the community has 1 week to fill out the new application and post it for RE-ACCEPTANCE! I'm also accepting another co-mod, so if you would like to be a co-mod then put the lj-cut link as CO-MOD APP!

I understand that many of you are in the same communities. PLEASE don't all promote in the same community. Find another journal or community, ANYTHING.

If you are an existing member, you MUST re-apply within a week. If you don't, you will be removed and banned from the community.

Your mod,
Heather Christine

mod//post// theme announcement.

Wow. Sorry I've been a shitty mod lately. I've been really busy and whatnot. Anyway, updates in my life...I'm talking to this boy Ian now. He's wonderful. (plzzz don't let this get jinxed)

Okay, so more promoting please. I'm I'm really busy so if anyone would be so kind as to help out making some promo banners/accepted/rejected banners that would be amazing and I would be thouroughly grateful.



True confessions.

Confess something that no one else knows. ANYTHING.



ALright, so I'm making a community but I'm having some trouble with the layout. I made 1 post but my icon is covering up what I wrote!!


If you go there you'll see what I mean. I have NO idea how to keep that same layout (it's under "generator" right now) and have it so peoples icons wont cover up what they wrote. If anyone could help me out, give me overrides or ANYTHING, please let me know!