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We here are a Played By Role Playing group, centered around a town that was built for teenage runaways.

Before you apply please read the rules.


1. Our main rule for joining this RP is that you stay active. Activity includes, updating your journal atleast once every two weeks and being on AIM atleast once a week, but remember, more is good and encouraged.

2. Realism: Yes, this is a PB group and that alone makes is unrealistic, but keep in mind that this is an RP for teenage run aways. The storylines you create are your own, but if your character doesn't have a job, they won't have a nice apartment to live in. They'll most likely end up in the Center.see below.

3. The Center is a stupid name, to be replaced, for the boarding home, where kids who can't support themselves will live. Food is given out on a minimal basis and if you are staying in the center there is a two week limit on how long you can stay there. After your two weeks are up, you will be removed from the Center and have to wait three weeks before you can come back. As shady as the town is, the officials are trying to teach you how to take care of yourself.

4. Relationships: The relationships your character[s] have are entirely up to you. Gay and straight relationships are allowed. Relationships which feature abuse are allowed, but rape may only occur if it is agreed upon out of character by both people and one of the mods is informed. This shouldn't be a hard thing to follow because atleast one mod is on most of the time.

5. Marriage and pregnancy: Marriages must be agreed upon by both people. Please keep shot gun weddings down to a minimum, if too many happen, this rule will be changed. Pregnancies last two calander months. Mpreg is allowed but keep it to a minimum.

6. Applying: To apply to the comunity, fill out this form:
Character Name:
Played By:
Reason for running away:
Do you understand that you may be rejected?:

The first entry to your journal should explain:
Detailed reason for running away
How they ended up at skid row
Where they intend on staying
Some part of their past history
How they plan on supporting themselves

7. Have fun.