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A Black Summer

Title: A Black summer
Author: Asreisea
Pairing: Lucius Malfoy/Sirius Black
Rating: NC 17
Summary: When Lucius decides to spend the summer at Black House, what could it mean for Sirius? And what will happen?
Genre: PWALP (porn with a little plot.)

It hadn’t taken much to convince his father. In fact, the idea of spending time with the Blacks had his father nodding with approval. He smirked to himself in the comfort of his room, overseeing the packing of his belongings.

Now he would have the chance to have his mate before the marriage his father wished.


“Oh no. No, no, no, no and guess what? NO!” Sirius yelled at his mother. Well, not yelled, because no one who valued their wands (both wands) would yell at Lady Walburga Black. Sirius just used a louder version of his ‘house voice’. But yelling aside, there was no way he would share his room with Lucius Malfoy for the rest summer holidays. Just because Lord Malfoy thought it would be beneficial for Lucius to get to know the family he was expected to marry into.

Which was all fair and good, Sirius thought, except that his cousins wouldn’t be at Black House this summer, and his mother suddenly decided to redecorate so the guest rooms were currently inhabitable. And his mother thought because they were in the same year at school, Lucius and Sirius wouldn’t mind sharing a room.

Lucius, predictably, was all smiles and politeness. “Of course I don’t mind sharing with Sirius, Lady Black. We’ll have a lot to talk about, not having seen each other for a month.” Sirius would have been happier if he hadn’t seen Lucius for another month. Or another. In fact, if Malfoy stayed away from him for the rest of his life, he’d consider that a well lived life.

Sirius, at the prospect of having the only haven from his family invaded, had ranted at his mother. Lucius was politely ignoring the family argument and his mother looked ready to hex him.

“Sirius Orion Black, you will behave yourself this instant and will refrain from shaming the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black for the remainder of the summer,” his mother hissed at him, wand gripped tight in her hand close to snapping. Sirius merely looked at her and stormed out of the room, pushing past Lucius as he did so.

“Oh dear Lucius, please forgive that,” Lady Black gushed at the tall, blond pure-blood. “I didn’t mean for you to see that.”

“It’s fine, my lady. Sirius is... headstrong at school. I personally think it’s the influence of Potter and Lupin. Friends are very influential on one.” Smiles in all the right places and a nod of the head.

“Of course. It’s partly why we refuse to let him speak to the Potter boy during holidays... but that’s neither here nor there. Come, I’ll show you to Sirius’ room and you can get settled.”


“I can’t believe it!” Sirius fumed, kicking a stone across the garden. “Making me share. ‘Oh poor Regulus won’t want to share with an older boy.’ ‘Reg can sleep with my and Malfoy can have his room!’ But nooo, that’s not good enough for Lady Walburga Black. Oh no, instead of making my life unbearable and allowing me to have a sanctuary, she now has to take the sanctuary off me! Fucking bitch! I hate her!”

He turned around and stalked back across the garden looking for another stone, or a gnome or something to take his frustrations out on.

“Hey, Sirius, Mother is showing Lucius to your room. Thought you might want to know.” His brother smirked at him. Sirius barely retained the urge to thump him. Forget hexing, Sirius would wipe the floor physically with Regulus if he didn’t stop smirking at him like that.

“Why the fuck is he in my room? He’s your friend!”

“Mother thinks he’ll be a positive influence on you. Take away what those Gryffindorks are doing to you.”

“Yeah, if ‘positive influence’ translates to ‘mass homicide’,” Sirius muttered. Regulus laughed out right at that comment and vanished indoors.

“I’d best go and set some rules with Malfoy or he’ll snoop in my stuff. Fucking snakes! Whole fucking house of fucking snakes!”


Sirius flung open his door and glare at Malfoy. “Get out of there!” The blond was snooping in his drawers! “Oi, did you hear me?!” Sirius growled. He slammed the door shut and cast several silencing spells.

“Oh Sirius. I was looking for somewhere to place my socks. You wouldn’t happen to have an empty draw would you?” He said in the manner that fooled his mother, but Sirius wasn’t buying it.

“Sure. Of course. Socks.” He took a step forward towards the taller boy and jabbed him in the chest. “If you’re gonna have to stay in my room, we better get some things straight. First of all, aside from sleeping, you don’t go in my room without asking me first. You want a book? You come get me. I won’t have you in here alone. Merlin only knows what you’ll do. Second—”

“— I don’t think your mother would like that,” Lucius frowned prettily. “I believe she wanted me to feel like I was at home here. And that would follow that I do not need permission to enter the room I’m sleeping in.”

“I don’t care what my mother wants or would like. Secondly, I don’t want you looking at my stuff.”

“As if I would stoop to such lows. I am a Malfoy and Malfoys do not snoop.”

Sirius had just about had enough with his haughty manner. “You think you’re better than everyone else, don’t you?” He growled.

“I am better than most people. Certainly little Gryffindors who betray their noble line of Slytherins.”

Lucius didn’t even have chance to blink before the punch landed on his face. He was, however, ready for the second and the third. The knee to his stomach caught him off guard and he sent a return blow at Sirius. He was able to push forward, getting out of the trap between the bed and the wall. He restrained one of Sirius’ wrists and held onto it with all his strength, which considering he was a Veela was quite a bit. Sirius twisted in his grip, trying to break free whilst landing other blows on him. Lucius used the wrist to twist Sirius around and flatten him against the wall. He grabbed Sirius’ other wrist and held them above the boy’s head, pinned. Sirius growled in between pants. Seeing the boy like that, held to his will, panting and breathless, hit a button deep inside him and he growled, pressing his mouth to Sirius’ in a punishing kiss.

“Get...” Sirius groaned. Lucius took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside Sirius’ mouth. Merlin but he tasted wonderful. Lucius pressed himself close, feeling the heat leech through their clothes. It wasn’t enough for Lucius, though. His urges were demanding he claim his mate, claim him and make him beg for it.

He slowly released lowered arms and wrapped them round Sirius, briefly groping his ass before starting ripping Sirius’ clothes of. His mouth traced from lips to neck, biting at the pulse point before taking a dusky nipple between his teeth.

“Oh Merlin! Malfoy please!” Sirius moaned. “Gods yes!” He threw his head back, gripping silky blond hair.

Lucius stopped the attention he was giving the nipple and growled, “Lucius.”

Sirius nodded, “Lucius... please please, please do something!” Lucius chuckled and returned his mouth to the nipple. He flicked his tongue along the tight peak, brushing lightly before biting down on it, causing Sirius to moan loudly and shudder. He switched nipples, repeating the process whilst tweaking the first. Lucius had a thing about nipples. Lucius thought he was developing a thing for Sirius’ nipples. Lucius knew he was developing a thing for Sirius’ nipples. The sounds he was making made Lucius hard and aching. He could listen to them all day and night. But later, later he would learn his mate’s body like an instrument, learning which string to pull to make the most beautiful music. Now he wanted, no he needed to claim him; to make sure Sirius knew that he belonged to Lucius.

He stepped back, opening and pulling down Sirius’ pants, exposing the hard, leaking erection. He licked his lips, threw himself down on his knees and swallowed his cock to the root. Sirius let out a silent scream, rocking his hips into that wicked mouth. Gods, Lucius was so good. So good, and his tongue was sweeping along the vein on the underside and JesusfuckingMerlin! where did he learn that?!

“Lucius please, gods, stop! Don’t stop... more oh oh more!!” He babbled. Lucius got some oil with a silent Accio. He oiled his finger up and slid it into Sirius’ hole. He twisted it, searching for that one spot that would make Sirius...


He smirked and repeated the gesture, reducing Sirius to begging and whimpers. He added more fingers, deftly preparing his lover for his cock. Sirius moaned and thrust himself back on the fingers, rocking, fucking himself hard. God those fingers were wonderful, but he wanted something thicker.

“Please Lucius, please fuck me.”

Unable to deny his love anything, and with the need to claim, he pulled off Sirius’ cock and quickly removed his own clothing, moaning when Sirius pulled him into a kiss, fucking him with his tongue, a direct mirror of what Lucius was getting ready to do to him.

“Wrap your legs around me, baby, yeah like that. That’s right.” Lucius lined his cock up with Sirius’ hole and slowly thrust forward. Bloody hell! Sirius was so tight, so hot, so good. It was taking all his time and effort not to start thrusting. He let Sirius rest a moment before thrusting hard and fast.

“Mine! You’re mine,” he growled into Sirius ear. “Mine. Gods you’re such a slut, such a whore. That’s right, take my cock deep in you. Yeah like that gods, so wanton.” Lucius spewed filth into Sirius ear, nudging his prostate each time he called Sirius a slut.

“Yes! YES! Yours! God Lucius... more... harder... yours... your slut!”

Lucius unwrapped his arm from Sirius’ waist and wrapped it around his leaking cock, squeezing and pulling it. Sirius threw his head back again, crying out.

“So close Luc, so close gonna....” and with that, Sirius came hard, his come spraying over Lucius’ chest. Two more thrusts were all it took before he came deep inside Sirius.

When they could move, Lucius carried Sirius to the bed before licking his come off his chest.

“Mmm Lucius,” he moaned. “You can’t possibly want more.”

“I always want you.”

“Oh... FUCKING HELL! LUCIUS!” Sirius screamed.

As Lucius continued teasing him through the night, Sirius thought that this could be the best summer he’d had in a long time.

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