June 5th, 2010


RPG looking for a Sirius

baitandbleed is a creative, war-centric RPG just put on the market, and we're looking for a Sirius to come join our fantastic cast.

Sirius is in his prime when the RPG takes place, he will definitely be given his chance to shine and to participate in tonnes of amazing plot-lines, wizarding politics, family intricacies, as well as joys and sorrows with his friends. We have Death Eaters, Order members, and Ministry employees alike to interact with as Sirius fights against Voldemort in a magic-filled but realistic war environment.
We're looking for someone smart, fun, and active - no cast is complete without a Sirius Black.

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[Not trying to spam the community, if this kind of post isn't allowed just say the word and we'll happily take it down. Just wanted to spread the word to people who really love Sirius' character.]