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Simple Designs...

For Simple People

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I can do your BASIC Friends Only Signs and BASIC User Icons.
**You must provide a link to the picture you want. If you really do not have one or can not find one, I will provide you with one. If you dont like the one I choose then find your own.**

This community is BRAND NEW.For right now I will be taking all requests. Maybe if it grows larger, I will add Mods and other people to help.

**Please limit your request to only 1-3 requests per week.**

aaaah Yes..
1.If you are posting a picture please put it behind a LJ-Cut. If you do not know how to do this "click here". Doing this cuts down on space.
2.DO NOT cross post...i will usually be able to fill your requests unless something come up. If you are found cross posting you WILL be banned.
3.IN all of your request in the subject line put **Blue Hippos Make Great Friends** . This is to assure me that you did read the rules. If you do not do this your request will not be filled.
4. Do not direct link. There are many webpages that will host your images.(ex: www.photobucket.com)

Friends Only// User Info Banner//Request Form
Please Include The following information:

Background Color:
Image(s): [please post behind LJ-cut]
Font Color and Font Name: [if font wanted is not available, i will choose one similar or you can choose another one.]
What do you want your sign to say:
Anything else: [anything else you want to have added]
Email:[incase we need to contact you for further information]