Whitney (xyourmyantidrug) wrote in silverbullets_,

got a single silver bullet



Name: whitney
Age: 14
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Code: you kill me well


Bands(+10): my chemical romance, atreyu, him, the used, matchbook romance, nirvana, hawthorne heights, transit vista, we meet again, melvins crusade, a beautiful tragedy
Songs(+5): cemetery drive- MCR
existentialsim on prom night- Straylight run
Tulips are better- Atreyu
Love rhymes with hideous car wreck- the blood brothers
secrets dont make friends- from first to last
Movies(+5): crybab,y thirteen, pirates of the carribbean, finding neverland, john Q
Music Genre: rock..emo, screamo, hardcore
Actor/Actress: JOHNNY DEPP, sandra bullock

Least Favorites:

Bands: ashlee simpson
Songs: any ashlee song
Movies: hmm
Music Genre: rap
Actor/Actress: ashlee

Short Answer:

War/Bush: I support bush..i liked the intial reason for being over there, however i do think its time we leave
Labels: I am applying to an Emo community. :P
Gay Marriage: for it!
Abortion: Toughy...i hate it. But its your choice...adoption is better
Say something nice about your mods:
thisendstonite:: CHARLEE! hah i love ya girl! you are a wonderful mod! plus we are friends!
hatingthescenex:: Katie you are like my best friend in the entire world...you are one of the only ones who understand me!

Have you ever/Would you ever?:

Drink: have..not an achoholic though
Smoke: no
Do Drugs: ew no
Sex Before Marriage: yes...after 18 though
Do something with you best friends boyfriend: no man..thats horrible


Why do you want to join our community? because i love you!
Favorite Quote/Lyric: "id rather burn out than fade away" - Kurt Cobain
Make us laugh: I dont have it..but there is this shirt that has John Kerry wearing a shirt that says "I spent 250 million dollars to become presidenta nd all i got was this crappy t-shirt"...not that funny i know.
Make us a(n) accepted/rejected/promo banner for us to use: I promise i will later on my grave..im at school right now.
Promote us in atleast one place: xyourmyantidrug
Post some pictures of your sexy self:(+3) um..cant do it on this computer...sorry!
(no pics, no worries, just impress us)

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