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got a single silver bullet.. -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
shot right through my heart..

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Got a single silver bullet.. [12 Apr 2005|02:05pm]
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5 shot give me bullets

[12 Apr 2005|02:38pm]
Just wanted to see who is going to Warped this year. I sure as hell am.

Also..i wanted to ask my lovelys char and katie if i could be a mod. I am totally giving my community to someone else cause i dont want to deal with it anyway cause this comuunity will kick so much more ass when more people join.

Also why i am about to promote to 67 communities cause i love you all.

P.S. sorry for the inactivity....my computer doesnt work...
1 shot give me bullets

Got a silver bullet [12 Apr 2005|04:39pm]
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5 shot give me bullets

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