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Got a single silver bullet



Sexual Orientation:straight
Code: you kill me well


Bands(+10):Thursday, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, Saosin, Boys Night Out, From Autumn To Ashes, OddProject, From First To Last, Funeral For A Friend, Alexisonfire, Armor For Sleep
Songs(+5): The More You Talk, The Less I Hear-Armor For Sleep, Dying In New Brunswick-Thursday, The Kennedy Curse-Alexisonfire, Lost Symphonies-Saosin, You Dont Need a Witness-TSOAF
Movies(+5):Shawn Of The Dead, The Last Samurai, 28 Days Later, Queen Of The Damned, Cast Away (WILSON!!!!!)
Music Genre: Emo
Actor/Actress: Tom Cruise

Least Favorites:

Bands: New Found Glory, The Starting line, Somthing Corporate, fallout boy, limp bizkit
Songs:any songs by the artists above
Movies:house of the dead
Music Genre:Rap
Actor/Actress:Winona Ryder

Short Answer:

War/Bush: a war of greed. bush isnt interested in iraqi freedom, just oil.
Labels:labels are just other people stereotyping, so get to know someone BEFORE you label them.
Gay Marriage:love is love. doesnt matter whats below the belt.
Abortion: it's the mothers choice, no one elses.
Say something nice about your mods:
thisendstonite::like the music
hatingthescenex::like the name and the shirt
xyourmyantidrug::love that you love nirvana

Have you ever/Would you ever?:

Do Drugs:no
Sex Before Marriage:yes
Do something with you best friends boyfriend:no


Why do you want to join our community?i enjoy rating others
Favorite Quote/Lyric:"since Ive replaced the 'I' in live with an 'O', I cant remember who you are!" Thursday- tommorow ill be you
Make us laugh: "im gonna go slap myself until I cry and write a song about it!" (because I can make fun of myself)
Make us a(n) accepted/rejected/promo banner for us to use: I cant now, but will when i can
Promote us in atleast one place: i promoted you in:http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=___bangxbang__x
Post some pictures of your sexy self:(+3)
(no pics, no worries, just impress us)
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