Amanda (__burnburn) wrote in silverbullets_,

Got a single silver bullet..


Name: Manda
Age: Fourteen
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Code: You Kill Me Well


Bands(+10): My Chemical Romance, Circa Survive, Halifax, Emanuel, The Honorary Title, Spitalfield, Muse, Scatter the Ashes, Action Action, Billy Talent, The Used
Songs(+5): "Cat in Heat" - THT // "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us", "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" - MCR // "Bleed" - Action Action // "Bloody Romance" - Senses Fail // "Bullemic" - The Used
Movies(+5): Queen of the Damned, Lord of the Rings, Bubble Boy, Vanity Fair, Stand By Me, Drop Dead Fred
Music Genre: Alternative
Actor/Actress: Orlando Bloom [I admit I am a long term fan of his]

Least Favorites:

Bands: Taking Back Sunday, Bright Eyes, Killswitch Engage, A Static Lullaby [I'm sorry if most of you like these, the last two I saw live and I didn't really enjoy them all that much, and the first two I just never really got into.  I appreciate their music, though]
Songs: "Oh" - Ciera // "Candy Shop" - 50 Cent // "This Photograph ---" - Taking Back Sunday
Movies: Troy [horrible acting and horribly boring], Spy Kids 3-D
Music Genre: I don't really hate any genre, but I'd have to say the pop scene lately is getting rather repetitve as is most genres.
Actor/Actress: Nicole Ricci

Short Answer:

War/Bush:  I really don't look into the politics all that much and avoid watching the news whenever something about the war in Iraq is announced.  Two of my uncles are national guard and I really don't want to have to think about them having to go over seas to fight a war that really shouldn't have started in the first place.  There was no true reason to actually continue this war for this length of time.  I believe that is one of Bush's mistakes right there.
Labels: Cliche and overrated.  I wish this fad would go away because some of the "new" labels they've come up with are rather insulting and just plain immature.  I know that in my school, kids in my class are constantly labeling my friends and I "goths" because my friends tend to wear a lot of black.  I'm thinking about writing a large end of the year speech to clear up the fact that everyone is the so called "emo", seeing as they all have emotions, don't they?
Gay Marriage:  My Uncle is gay and I fully support gay marriage.  It's another thing for the goverment to fight over and waist time and money for.  They should just allow and get on with it.  I mean, by not allowing them, it is only causing them to want to fight more and therefore, making them hear more about it.  It wouldn't be such a "big problem" if they'd just allow it.
Abortion: I think that it's the woman's right to be able to choose what she thinks is right for her and her child.

Say something nice about your mods:  I really haven't talked to any of them, but I am sure they are all wicked awesome <33

Have you ever/Would you ever?:

Drink: No.
Smoke: No.
Do Drugs: No, I don't think I have to do them to fit in or feel better.
Sex Before Marriage: Probably.
Do something with you best friends boyfriend: Never.


Why do you want to join our community?: Because it seems like an awesome community and this community is sisters with another community I'm in.
Favorite Quote/Lyric:

Pulled from the liquor cabinet
Choose your mood and then start to wreak havoc
With your exaggerated sadness
The sadness that ensues
This is when I start to lose

Make us laugh:

Make us a(n) accepted/rejected/promo banner for us to use:  I promise I shall make one and edit it in tomorrow.
Promote us in atleast one place: 
Post some pictures of your sexy self:(+3)  As soon as I get some I shall post them.

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