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Take a picture

It'll last longer

Smile and say cheese
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Welcome to SilentPoetry_
This is a picture posting community.

1)Each week there will be a different theme. Post pictures accordingly.

2)All picture posts containing large pictures or more than three pictures must be under an lj cut.

3)All application must be under an lj cut. Heres how lj cuts work: <*lj-cut text"your quote here"> and this is to end your lj cut <*/lj-cut*> except without the ** Come up with some interesting quotes, it makes it more fun to read.

4)You don't have to promote our community, but it will help you get accepted. Heres an example of why:
If there were few members of our community it would take lets say..3 yes's when you promote. Without promoting, it would take lets say..6 yes's.

5)Promoting can be done in your personal journal

6)Don't complain if you arent accepted immediately. Take our criticism and try again in 24 hours. You get 3 strikes, and if we really dislike you, you're out.

7)Mods have final say over EVERYTHING.

8)Do not and I repeat do NOT post until you are accepted.

9)Before you are accepted you may only comment on your application, nothing else.
10)Okay people, I know you probably love music, but I personally dont want to read a long list of band names. So keep it to a minimum of your top favorites.
11)Just be cool, keep drama off the community please.

When you join, fill out this form so we can all get to know you better.
Fav Musical Artists/Bands:
Fav Movies:
Fav Book(s):
Tell us something interesting about yourself:
Link to one place where you promoted us:
Post some pictures:

Promotional Banners:

made by siktranstgloria

made by trashyclass

Accepted stamp:

Rejected stamp:

Your mods are Melanie (siktranstgloria)
Feel free to contact her with comments/questions/etc:
Journal: siktranstgloria
AIM: silent vowel
E-mail: silent_vowel@yahoo.com

And Missa (pure_radience)
Feel free to contact her with comments/questions/etc:
Journal: Pure_radience
AIM: LovableNeuroticX
E-mail: Phuckers_r_us@hotmail.com

Thanks for joining and keep posting