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Greetings, and allow me to introduce myself! My name is Roberta, but you can call me Bo. I’m new to live journal, and have just started exploring, so please forgive any faux paux in net etiquette! I’m also just beginning to explore the possibility of returning to college, and I would be thankful for any information and insights shared about Shimer.

Some background:

I’m ‘slightly’ older, and have undergone a HUGE transformation since I first became familiar with Shimer in the early 1990s. I was in the Navy and spent some time at Great Lakes, and remember getting into fantastic conversations with students while heading into the city for a night of fun with my buddies. Long story short, I was drummed out for exploring my sexuality while on Uncle Sam’s pay role, lost my G.I. bill cash (the entire reason for joining the armed forces) and drifted around for the last 12 years, taking classes here and there, doing the random old job to make ends meet, buying books with any extra cash that came my way, and learning a lot about life.

I think Shimer might be the right fit for me, but I have some questions:

What type of queer/trans/sex positive atmosphere can I expect within the academic community?

Do older students transition into the ‘general’ intellectual community with ease?

With the possible campus move, what are the options for cheap housing near the ITT campus?

I’m just beginning to wrap my mind around becoming a student again, so any insight would be helpful.

Thank you!

An experiment...

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to let you all know about this little website: ShimerHenge.com . Feel free to post any old thing to the forum.

If you click on the "Virtual 438" link, you'll go straight to an attempt to create something that vaguely resembles a Shimer classroom. Please join and participate; everyone is welcome.

We're holding an experimental online discussion of Sappho's Hymn to Aphrodite this coming Thursday at 5:30 Chicago time, 6:30 Eastern. Come one, come all. If you can't make the time, you could still contribute to the class forum or the background knowledge wiki.

Sincerely yours,

Shimer in Exile Korea Chapter, Member #2

PS Honduran food in Waukegan? Now there's no way the college can move.

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hey everybody,

just the other day, matt, jared, and i discovered a little piece of honduran heaven on the corner of belvidere and sheridan. el rincon hondureno restaurante. not exactly the most catchy name for a restaurant but pablo told me that rincon means "little" or "out of the way", which is entirely appropriate for this place--we were the only people eating there. but it's absolutely fantastic (and incredibly cheap) food, and the best and most considerate service i've ever had.

seriously, jared and i told the waitress that we're vegetarians, and a moment after she went away she came back to ask and make sure that we were okay with dairy. lots of meat and dairy but very vegan friendly, if not accomodating, in the menu.

just thought you should know...

so go give them your business!

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Yes, I actually joined this thing:

Alright, alright: I know that the people in charge of it have apologized for the short notice of Solidarity festivities. Fine. Dandy. But I don't recall seeing anything in the cosmos emails saying for those of us who are in the weekend program to bring food in a pot luck fashion. Honestly, I don't feel like cooking for lots of people tonight *I am still a little wary after cooking for the Samhain's Silent Feast 2 years ago and only 4-8 people actually showing up, when there were plenty of announcements made in advance. Oh well.* So screw it.
I hope people have fun. I have no interest. Classes from 10-6 p.m aren't exactly going to make yours truly a livid party animal.
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this was the e-mail i got from sarah kimmel to a group of alums re: the iit move

[This is a pure cut-and-paste job, so any funky formatting can be blamed on that. Feel free to point any interested people to this post, as it seems like a decent summary of the issues. I have some thoughts on the matter, but I am at work right now, so it'll have to wait for the moment when I get a few spare minutes to rub together.]

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hey y'all

something's up at shimer. what i heard is that last night the students were invited to a meeting where they were told that the executive board was strongly considering RELOCATING shimer out of waukegan and into- get this- a floor of a dormitory at IIT.

this is third-hand, and incomplete, but i'd like to start ASAP doing whatever i can to stop that from happening. i'll be in touch with some folks today and will post here what i've heard. i hope to hear from some current students and more about what's going on.


Guess what?

Apparently, security concerns dictate that alumni are discouraged from visiting campus without staff invites? See the Ardent Spork's entry for details.

Golly. And here I am, possibly for the first time in my *life* shortly able to donate a huge, fuck-off wad of money to the old campus, and *this* comes up?

I'd like to donate, but to the *old* Shimer. The one where people felt safe because they were generally surrounded by caring, informal people, anarchic because everyone was nice to each other and anything else would make Psyche, Brandy, and Jack sad and Eileen wrathful.

Too fucking bad, eh?
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