July 13th, 2006

teaching English with a Shimer degree

hi everyone,

I was writing because I'm applying for a one-year post-bacc teacher certification program through a local community college. Because of the No Child Left Behind laws, in order for a person to teach high school English (for example), they need to be "highly specialized" in their field. So basically I need to have 24 credit hours in my subject matter. Unfortunately, my Shimer transcript lists things like "Hum 1" and when I told them it was the equivalent to Literature, they told me lit classes don't transfer to "English" and in fact I'd need to have ENG or COMP (English or Composition) classes in order for those credits to count.

Since I already am $15,000 in debt for a degree I haven't ever really used, it would be nice to not have to spend an extra year and couple thousand dollars taking English or Composition classs.

Has anybody had this problem? Maybe a nice letter from Shimer indicating that ALL the classes were HEAVILY focused in Composition would help?

Thanks in advance,
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